Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well after much screaming, yelling, and a near heart attack I survived last night's game to see the Pats go undefeated. Amazing!

Not only did drafting several of the Pats help me win my fantasy football league, they also went 16-0 which is much cooler than me winning my league. It's amazing! Those '72 Dolphins must be pissed.

All I know is that Brady, Moss, and Welker totally rocked it last night. And the defense came up with some pretty good plays. I was really happy to see Hobbs interception, but I had been hoping all night Samuel was going to get at least 2. But whatever, it wasn't perfect, but they won! Now let's hope we can win to get to the Superbowl!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

D&G Trunk Show

Ok so normally I like Dolce & Gabbana. But I was checking out the 2008 Trunk show at Neiman's and I don't get this outfit. Tye dye jeans? Fringed black jacket? brown belt and shoes.. with black?

Cute AND Affordable!

Wow! I think this is the cheapest article of clothing I've ever seen at Barney's! And it's super cute. The price I'm sure is reflective of the fact that the shirt is 100% poly, but it's perfect for the holidays... new years... who knows...

And I didn't know Kate Moss was now designing clothes? Where have I been?

It's only a little snow....

We live in New England! It's just some snow, sure it's annoying and the roads are not plowed perfectly. But they are plowed and it was a little slippery but not really that bad. Nothing that we need to drive 15 in a 40! Come on people!!!! Why Why Why??

Granted with all these snowstorms the last week the pot holes are insane, but 15!? I'm not asking people to drive 60, but maybe at least 30? Geeez...

And the traffic for the malls is just making me crazy. I am so glad I am off work until Jan 2nd!! YEY! No mall traffic for a week, well I'm sure I will hit tons of mall traffic en route to New Jersey for the holidays.

And of course, as always, rotaries just make me insane. Why don't people know the rules of the rotary? They taught us the rules in drivers ed many, many years ago. How did these people get their licenses if they can't navigate a rotary? When you are in the rotary you have the right of way! You don't stop in the middle of the rotary and wave 5 cars in!!!!!! WHO DOES THAT!?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Who has a holiday party on a Monday?

Now why would a company have their open bar holiday party on a Monday night? If you worked where my boyfriend does they apparently thought it was a great idea.

I was sure it would be fun, but also sure I'd be hurting the next day.

And sure enough... I am. I have a horrible headache that I took two advil migranes for around 6:30 in the morning. Still not really helping. I feel terrible.

I tried to limit the drinks, but chocolate martinis with the vodka being poured in from an ice louge was tempting... and tasty... I really should be getting ready for work, but I'm still feeling dizzy. I need coffee.


I can't believe it, but somehow I actually pulled off the win this week in fantasy football even though my quaterback only got me 3.75 points!! YEY! I was convinced the 5th place player was going to take me out, but somehow I managed to get about 15 more points that him. Usually Brady and Moss get me the points each week. But this week it was the Pats defense who came up big - 21 points big. And my other players did pretty well too Brandon Marshall, Jamal Lewis, Aaron Stecker, Jason Witten, Reggie Williams, and Adam Vinatieri. So now I am in the final round competing against the #2 person in the league. Pats have to come up big against Miami this week! Go Pats!

Squish the Fish (remember that from 86?) ha ha

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Damn! 14-0

Well on the one hand I am sooooo excited the Patiots are 14-0 - how cool is that? Second team ever to do that? WOO HOOO

I LOVE that in the post game press conference some reporter asked Brady if he wanted a jacket and Brady said "yea no shit" on live tv! Fantastic! I was suprised they didn't bleep that out. Pretty funny. Now Moss is talking. He's a good speaker for a football player after a game. But what's up with the shirt he's wearing? It looks like a janitor shirt! (with 4 carat diamon earrings?) LOL

OK... so he just confirmed it.. It really IS a janitors shirt!

On the other hand I am so upset about this weather.. My fantasy team was playing in the playoffs. Last week I had the bye - which was cool but we did so well on points and it didn't matter! Now this week when it matter and I am ranked #1 in the league playing the 5th seed - the pats score me NO points (well except the defense YEY!) but WTF this sucks. There are still a few games to play today for my other fantasy players, but I don't think it will be enough to pull off the win.

Taken out by the 5the 5th seed player :(

Looking forward to Spring...

It isn't even winter yet, and I am already looking forward to spring. This weather sucks. Somerville hasn't even plowed my road! I haven't heard a plow all night long, where are they?? I thought they were supposed to be better after the last storm? I know there are less cars on the road today, so where the hell are the plows? The only vehicle I have heard is the firetruck leaving the station across the street from my house.

Since I'm stuck in my house I started checking out the new spring shoe collections. I mean what else is there to do until 1pm when the Pats start playing?

And I am seriously concerned about the game with this weather - mainly because I am in the playoffs in my Fantasy Football league. I had the bye last week - which was cool, but the Pats did awesome. Now in this weather... who knows I'm worried. I may lose in the playoffs. I have been #1 in the league with wins and points and now I could loose because of a stupid storm!!! ARGH!!! I have Brady, Moss, Pats defense, and I play Gaffney today too! I could be screwed. I know the Pats play well in bad weather, but this is *really* bad weather.

Ok back to shoes I can't stress about that any more until 1pm. Then I will really start stressing...

so one of Prada's new spring wedges is super cute. They have it in Black and Silver. I think I want the Silver one. The black one is cute too, but I have a lot of black shoes. I need to pre-order it Bergdorf's and Neiman's have it. Ohh and I have a $50 Neiman's gift card.. Sweet!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Ah the joys of parking in Somerville...

After such a lovely commute home yesterday I get home to find that my building hasn't been plowed. AT ALL. ahhh the joy!

I attempted to drive up the driveway which may be a 90 degree angle. I slid back into the street, narrowly missing pedestrians. Finally I gave up and parked next to the dumpster - the only spot my piece of shit car could pull into. Perhaps it's time to upgrade to 4WD?

Relieved to finally be home after an over 3 hour commute I didn't think about how my car/spot would look like in the morning. I went into the building and called the management company to send out a plow. It's been snowing for 5 hours already, why hadn't anyone come by yet?

This morning I wake up and it's as if I have been plowed in on not one side, but all four!!!! how is this even possible? After an hour long struggle I managed to shovel myself out and get out of my spot and get to work.

Now I can only imagine what the state of the parking lot will be like when I get home from work. They never properly de-ice the lot at my building so I'm sure most of the cars won't be able to make it back into the lot tonight to park so we'll be fighting for spots out on the street, or the 2 open spots in the lot. Which means I need to leave work early if I even stand a chance of getting one of them. UGH

Why can't the building people come over and plow out the cars and help clean up the lot so we can actually get in and out? I mean we pay enough in rent! Shit that's the least they can do! Often our sidewalk isn't shoveled very well either. I'm surprised the building doesn't get fined.

At my previous building that I lived in Brighton the super would snow blow out each of our spots it was fantastic!!! Why can't this place have the guy snowblow us out? The lot is always a mess and since there are so many huge snow piles and people can't fucking drive or park right the spots are reduced from 36 to about 15.

Ah the joys of winter in Boston and parking in Somerville.....

Thursday, December 13, 2007

How long does it take to drive 10 miles?

Well if it's in a snowstorm in *&&%#@ Boston over 3 hours!!!!!! WTF! I wanted to kill someone.

I work in Burlington and I live in Somerville. My house is 10 miles away from my work. On a normal day it's about a 25-30 minute commute. Bad days take me 45 minutes and I'm really annoyed. Really bad days take an hour and I am about ready to flip out.

And then there was today... the commute that tops them all.

It started to snow. I waited until it accumulated a little *big big big mistake* - because when I got on the road so did the rest of Massachusetts. Seriously I think the entire state got on the road at the same freaking time. I got on the road at 12:45, I didn't leave the town of Burlington until 3:15!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG! What is everyone doing? The snow had just started. The roads weren't even THAT bad yet. They got worse the more we sat there, and sat there, and sat there.... How did all the roads build up so fast?

I wanted to cry. I had no where I could go. I couldn't turn around and go back to work - that would have been another 2 hours to get back.

No one could get through the lights because people were blocking the lights trying to make it through. So we sat through one cycle after another.. waiting and waiting. Then of course the person in the front of the lane wouldn't go around the blocking cars until they were cleared. UGH All the offices had cars piling out of each driveway which made it worse for us in the back. We just waited and waited while they poured out and someone let them just keep coming.

My windshield and back window got all filled up with snow and the wipers weren't working cuz they were so iced up. Luckily I wasn't ever moving, so I got out of my car and cleared them off about 6 times. That was fun.

Finally at 3:15 I crossed into Lexington, and made it home shortly before 4pm. That was a nice commute. #$%*

And as if the commute wasn't so much fun. My fucking building hasn't been plowed. AT ALL. The steep driveway had about 7 inches of snow on it. When I attempted to make it up the hill - I slid back into the street. Finally I burned all the rubber off my tires and pulled into the very bottom of the driveway next to a dumpster. Which is the worst spot in the lot. Now I wonder if I will ever get my car out of the spot. UGH

It's *only* December..... This is going to be a looooong winter.

Now I just heard on the news 128 South. CLOSED because of multiple jack knifed trailers. What a mess!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pats Rule!

YEY! That was a much easier game to watch today!!!! Go Pats!! Tom Brady threw 4 TDs - these are the kinds of games I expect to see from the Pats. Stopping Pittsburgh on the 1 yard line was amazing. That's the defense I expect to see!! 13-0 baby!!!!!!

In the press conference with Belichick after the game someone said something like "wow Moss caught almost all his passes for 1st downs, what do you think about that?" He replies with "yea he's been doing that all year." I love the responses. Ha.

Luckily in one of my leagues I had the bye week since I'm in first place, so Pats you need to do great again next week!! :)

OH and Randy Moss was named AFC Offensive Player of the Month for November - Sweet! WTG!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


This is sooo funny! What an idiot!

Someone broke into a bank in Cambridge. Police followed the footprints in the snow to the perps. D'oh!

Best Starbucks ever

Recently I switched jobs and my new job was in Woburn - for 2 days - until we moved to Burlington. But during those two days I got to enjoy the nearby Starbucks - which has drive thru! I LOVED IT! Why don't more coffee places do this for commuters? And why don't any of the other Starbucks do this? I know Dunkin Donuts has one on Fresh Pond Parkway but I don't drive by there on my way to work. Needless to say it was a little sad moving after 2 days of drive thru bliss.

Not only was this convenient, the people were actually super friendly. While I was waiting in line in my car after I had placed my order a woman comes over the loud speaker to say "Sorry about the wait, I'm trying to speed everything up, but we just changed shifts so there was a slight delay." I appreciated knowing that - which made me not that annoyed to be waiting. Then I get up to the window, pay, get my coffee etc. and the cashier is so nice. She's chatty, but not in an annoying way. Maybe it was because she said she loved my purse? ;) Then as I am about to drive away she starts to take another order and recognizes the voice and says "is this so and so and do you want your regular?" and they said yes. Pretty cool. I like that kind of service. Too bad I didn't get to become a regular there.

Attention Starbucks: Burlington and Somerville need drive thru... Please! Even if it's only open during the morning commute! ha ha

Monday, December 3, 2007

Tonight's the Night....

Ok Pats...

First let's win! Let's keep the winning streak alive!!

Second get me some good points for my fantasy team! I have Brady, Moss, and the Pats D. Last week I barely won - I only had 99.75 points (luckily my opponent had less)- compared with the 142.66 I got the week before. I did get a bit whiney last week about my near loss and was called on it: Ok maybe I was a bit extreme :P

Right now I only have 32.45 points this week I definitely quite a bit more to win.

In fantasy the playoffs start next week and since I'm #1 in my league I get the bye - which is good I hope.

And shit!! Watson dropped the ball no TD only a FG... What's up with the dropped / missed balls again this week? After such great games of amazing catches - now it seems we are missing more than we catch.

I think I misspoke last week.. this is the worst game ever. I have scared my poor kitties screaming so much!

I am really just shocked how this game has gone. It is just insane. I feel like I am having a heart attack.

I just cannot believe it. Holy Shit. WOW. I need to take a vallium.

Pats still undefeated. Amazing.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Worst. Game. Ever.

OMG this Pats game is the worst ever. WTF is going on?? and what's up with the bullshit pass interference call on Randy Moss when he caught that touchdown. Even Madden didn't see that it was pass interference. Then they missed the extra point. Fantastic. Then on a 4th down they try to pass and don't convert. why can't anyone catch the ball tonight either? UGH this sucks.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love thanksgiving... until I feel like a whale after consuming 2000 calories in one meal... But that's not going to stop me today, I can just run tomorrow :)

I'm watching the Macy's thankgiving day parade. Cheesy I know, but I've always watched it and I feel like I can't break that tradition now. My boyfriend wants to shoot himself in the head watching this shit. My parents wouldn't let me play my Christmas records (yes really records) until I saw santa at the end of this parade because that was the "official" beginning of the Christmas season. I'm sure it was just a way for them to keep their sanity because otherwise I would have had the sesame street christmas album playing 24/7 all year round. I would sit there the whole parade just waiting for santa. I don't think I paid any attention to the rest of the parade.

Then there is the football on thanksgiving. I don't really get why Dallas and the Lions always get the tday game. I think it should be the Patriots, but maybe I'm biased. My hometown has the oldest high school football rivalry in the country which I think it pretty cool. When I was in high school it was such a huge deal and the powder puff the day before was such a big deal. Funny.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Clothing Snob

I admit it. I'm a clothing snob.

I didn't grow up rich, and I'm not rich now - but I just cannot stand cheap clothes. I grew up in a normal suburb of Boston in a middle class family and now I have a decent job, I don't make a crazy salary. But I have a thing for really nice handbags, shoes, jeans. I like nice cashmere, leather, etc. Hey I don't have kids, so I might as well enjoy it while I can.

I can't afford super expensive designer clothes, but I can afford many of their ready-to-wear stuff at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom’s, Barney's, etc. I mostly shop at these stores now so I expect my shoes and handbags to be of a certain quality. And have high expectations for my clothes as well.

I went to a regular mall today (one that doesn't contain a Neiman's, Barneys, Bloomie's, Nordstrom's, or Saks) and I couldn't shop! I wanted to shop, but I hated everything. Clothes were cheap - the fabrics didn't feel good on most things. In Banana Republic they did have really nice feeling cashmere sweaters, but they were almost $200 - Bloomingdales and JCrew have equally as nice cashmere for $99. Unfortunately for me JCrew only had turtleneck cashmere sweaters and I wanted vneck. Handbags at multiple stores were horrible feeling fake leather. The Macy's was so jam-packed with shit I couldn't even bother to pick through the racks to try to find things.

When I go into stores like Theory they have limited stuff on the racks. It can look a little sparse sometimes, but I have now realized I like this more. I can actually *see* the clothes, I can pick through the rack. The clothes are unwrinkled and hanging nicely. And it must do something for shoppers, because I almost always end up purchasing items at Theory.

Then I go into these regular stores and they have racks and racks PACKED with clothes. So packed I can't even move items to look at them. And it's also clear they have been shipped in boxes so tightly packed they are all wrinkled. It's not very appealing to look at potential clothes I may buy and they are a complete mess of wrinkles. I don't recall ever buying wrinkly clothes from Bloomingdale's or Barney's - everything I have bought there I could wear right away - except maybe pants that I need tailored because pants are now made for amazon height women, and I’m on the shorter side. Wouldn’t the clothes be more appealing if they were neatly pressed – like dress pants, or silk / satin shirts? Even stores that are more upscale like Ann Taylor LOFT has these really wrinkled clothes. If I am paying $70+ for a pair of pants, can't they quickly steam them or something?? I mean seriously!

Plus the other issue with buying something at one of these stores that have the clothes packed in and wrinkled: everyone has them. If you wear for example a shirt you notice at least 10 other people wearing the same thing. I like to think my outfits are a bit more original. Not that these stores don’t have some things that look cute, they do, but it often falls apart so quickly it’s not worth buying. I once bought a cute shirt at Target, I wore it once then washed it and basically it was ruined. It looked like I had washed it 50 times. Stuff I have bought that is more expensive lasts wash after wash without looking old.

I would rather have fewer items that are really high quality, then 100 cheap items. I know not everyone can do this. Many people don't have enough money to shop the way I do, and I know having kids impacts that a lot. But for now.. I will enjoy my designer shopping. but it’s disappointing to spend 2 hours at a mall and be unable to find anything I liked. Like I said I admit it, I'm a clothing snob.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pretty in Pink

Who doesn't love a little pink every now and then?

These Christian Louboutin's are just perfect! They could look great with a little black dress. Hmmm I need to get invited to some holiday parties so I can go shoe shopping!

Man, I love the Patriots!

Randy Moss is just amazing. An article I read on this year said that it "appears that Moss is playing against holograms, the ball goes through them and he catches it". It's totally amazing. Tom Brady just throws it up there and he gets it.

And the Celtics are doing better than they have in years... It's a really good year to be a Bostonian!

Now I really need my fantasy team to win this week, last week was the Pats bye week and I lost horribly, all my backups sucked.

go Pats!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I love this!

A friend of mine added this to my Facebook page. It's so funny! I love it.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Gucci Resort Collection

I love these new Gucci shoes from their Resort Collection. Maybe I need to go someplace warm so I can wear them - it's getting too cold here.

oh and I can get this purse to match the shoes.. it comes in super cute black:

or white - loving the white:

Which to get... tough choice.

At almost $3000 I think probably neither, but they sure are cute.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

With a Morning this Good...

It can't get any worse...

While driving to work this morning I was on a street approaching a blinking yellow light. Sometimes there are people crossing there so cars have to stop, otherwise it's usually pretty quick to get through the blinking yellow.

I'm about 100 or 200 yards back (maybe more it's a pretty straight street so you can see far up it) and I notice there is a car stopped at the yellow blinking light. It appears they have been stopped there before I had seen them too because there was no movement as if they were slowing down to stop.

I then look to see if someone is crossing. Nope. Is there another car trying to cross from the red blinking light side? Nope. HMM so it appears this person is a complete fucking idiot just sitting at a yellow blinking light waiting for????? The light to turn green? Someone to invite them across the intersection?

They continue to sit there. Finally I get to the light and have to stop because they are STILL sitting there. If you are this stupid you shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car! I then beep. They sit there. I beep again. The car behind me starts beeping. FINALLY this bozo starts to go. At 15 miles per hour. I really want to scream. Seriously they have PSA's on tv about road rage and say that if you are angry that it's you. No it's really NOT me, it's the idiot that sits at a yellow blinking light for 10 minutes. Where are the police when this kind of shit happens?

We all continue down the street driving slower than I ride a bike at 15 mph in a 30 mph zone. At the next light, which is green, this person starts to stop!!!!! I am about to lay on the horn when they put their right blinker on. They start stopping...... stopping... stop… I am about to flip and THEN turn right. OMFG! How long does it take to turn right on a green light with no one crossing? It’s a perfectly sunny, dry day. No rain, no snow. Nothing!

I then get to Starbucks. I order my usual (make fun if you must) a grande non-fat caramel macchiato with sugar-free vanilla. I like skim milk, and why waste 200 calories on vanilla syrup? I’d rather have something else. Anyway, I order that. It’s not really that complicated. Maybe the barista is annoyed with me for making a complicated order – but it’s the same amount of ingredients it’s just using the low fat and sugar free instead of the regular – they are right next to each other on the counter – it makes no difference.

She puts the coffee (or as my boyfriend would argue: steamed milk with a little bit of coffee) on the counter. I pick it up the coffee explodes out of the top because it’s so overfilled all over my brand new really expensive leather gloves. I’m annoyed. The coffee then flies out of the top as I walk to my car onto my jeans, more on my gloves, and on my jacket. All pretty new and expensive and I would be really pissed if they were stained. I try covering the little top hole with a napkin – that gets soaked quickly from the overfilling.

I drive the rest of the way to work. When I tried to get the coffee out of the coffee holder in my car the top pops off - spilling more coffee on my gloves and now all over my car as well. Awesome. I love when that happens.

Now my gloves are sticky. My brand new $200 leather gloves are sticky. Maybe this should teach me not to buy $200 leather gloves, but I love them. I just wish my latte wasn’t so overfilled it exploded on me. Maybe I should only wear crappy outfits to buy my coffee?

I get into work and have to go straight into a one hour meeting. In which not really anything is decided. I love meetings like that. I feel most productive in those kinds of meetings. Yeaaaaah.. that would be great...

I take my first sip of my coffee… She forgot the caramel. The fucking caramel!!!!!!! THE ingredient that MAKES my coffee a CARAMEL MACHIATO and NOT A LATTE. So I had a latte with sugar-free vanilla.

It’s got to get better right? Certainly there are far worse things that could happen in a day, but it was a pretty irritating morning.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I gasped when I saw this purse

Wow do I love this Leiber purse at Neiman Marcus!

I love 1920s art deco, and modern art deco inspired designs. I really love this. I cannot afford this at all at $2,795.00, but I really wish I could. I would keep this forever as a work of art - not as a purse. If it looks this awesome in a photo, I can only imagine how much better it looks in person.

Maybe I need to start saving for that now and hope there are still some in stock by the time I get the money.

Week 10 has come.

What to do, what to do. Week 10 has come.

Four of my players on my fantasy football team are on the Patriots. Basically I drafted the Patriots. Week 10 is their bye week. Several of my backups are also on the bye. Shit that was poor planning!

I am 8-1 going into week 10.. I don't want to lose this week! :(

I love this guy!

OMG this blog is HILLARIOUS!

This guy found a JC Penney catalog from 1977; the pictures and his descriptions are awesome.

The clothes are the most horrendous things I have ever seen. I don't recall the 70s being *THAT* bad! These clothes are just obscene! They are so bad they are awesome.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Christmas Ornament? Shoe?

These Diors are the craziest shoes, yet I like them at the same time.

Not sure I'd wear them, but they are pretty cool in a weird way. They look like a christmas ornament on the back. Certainly a conversation piece for the holidays. And hey if you have a grand to blow on a funky pair of shoes - these could be the ones.


I love these new Jimmy Choo shoes for the holidays.

These may be a must buy for me. I need to go try these on this week. Love them.

Who doesn't love Velvet?

What a cute Armani Collezioni dress for the holidays! ...and it's velvet. I love velvet. Velvet may be the best thing about winter. Well at least one of the best things. And it's stretchy to boot. Love it. Want it. Need it.

Holy Shit!

I can't even believe the Pats came back from 20-10 to win 24-20!!!!!! Holy shit!!!!! Amazing. I'm still in shock. I feel like I am going to have a heart attack after that game. And I may not have my voice tomorrow.

Well so Indy didn't deserve to come back and win the AFC championship game, now we didn't deserve to come back and win this game. I guess we can call it even now. I feel better.

Randy Moss and Wes Welker came up HUGE today. HUGE.

I don't understand why Brady was so pissed and yelling at the end? Something happened. I am sure I will read about it tomorrow.

Now I need a valium.

What is happening to my Patriots?

WTF is going on with this game?!! Two interceptions on Brady? After 8 near perfect games?

Why are we falling apart every time we play Indy now? This kind of shit happened in the AFC championship last year. It's making me insane - I can barely watch this game and I may lose my voice from screaming.

I hate Peyton Manning. Why can't our defense stop them? They are totally sucking today. :( The only player doing anything well is Randy Moss. And now we were almost intercepted again. WTF. ARGH I really hate Indy. I hope we get rest next week on the bye and come back kicking ass again.

This game is making me crazy!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Want some Rocks with that Dress?

So I've been looking at Neiman's Resort collection and UM what's up with this dress? Normally I like Stella McCartney, but this dress - I just don't get.

It's like a bunch of rocks strangely placed on a dress. What is this pattern? Sure it's creative and different, but where would you wear this? And it looks like it's see through. You have to buy something to wear under it and who wants a dress under another dress - unless you're a slut and don't care and just wear it with nothing :P

Actually, looking at it closer it's fabric balls, not rocks. I don't like them. the only think I like about this is that it's silk.

Cute Holiday Shoes

Oh I love these super cute Bruno Frisoni shoes for the holidays! Too bad I don't wear much gold - maybe I should ditch the silver this year and go with gold... Perhaps at $825 they are a little too much for a pair of shoes I'm going to wear like 3 times a year. But they are so cute...

New Resort Collections

Neiman's has the new resort collections on their site. Some really cute stuff for the holidays!

This Stella McCartney dress is so cute! I love the little sparkles - it looks casual yet super dressy. And it looks really comfortable.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fluidline = Awesome

OMG I don't know why no one at MAC ever told me about Fluidline before. WHY did they wait so long to tell me? I have been using an inferior pencil from them for my eyeliner for YEARS.

Not that their pencil was bad really. I loved it - nice and charcoaly (is that a word?) and it blended nicely with one of their dark eye shadows.

But fluidline is so great! It stays on ALL day long! It's waterproof! It doesn't smudge once it dries (really)! AND it didn't transfer to the top of my eye when I blinked like the pencil does. You know when you get that annoying line from your eye liner right below your eyebrow in the completely wrong place? No more with this stuff. It's not really a liquid either - it's a gel that you paint on.

I vow to never use pencil eyeliner again.

Using this over the paint pot bare study I think - it really doesn't crease all day and wears well.

Monday, October 29, 2007


I really hate the post office. Of course, now that I say that my postal worker will stop delivering my mail. But I just don't get it.

There are many reasons I hate the post office. But here's the few I can think of off the top of my head:

1: Every time I go into the post office- there is one or *maybe* two people working behind the desk. The line is almost out the door. If I am lucky I only wait a half hour.


Why aren't there more workers at the desk? I can hear people shuffling around in the back, can't they come up and help? When I worked at a grocery store in high school - if they got busy they called people from around the store to come up and help ring people in. Why the fuck can't the post office do this? If I was this unhelpful at my job I'd be fired! People were more helpful at a minimum wage supermarket job.

2: My old postal worker REFUSED to deliver any packages. I used to live in a condo in Brighton. My condo faced the back so I could never see when the postal worker was there. But they had a key to put packages inside the doors. I shop online a lot. I'm online for my job already and I love to shop, so it's just natural that I shop online frequently. I lived there for 5 years. I had the Brighton post office on speed dial because I had to call to complain so many times. This freaking guy REFUSED TO EVER EVER EVER ring the bell to give me the package, or leave it with the super, or leave it inside the locked doors.

I called and left instructions, complained, sent letters, went down to the post office - nothing changed. He would just leave the card "we tried to deliver this and you weren't here. Pick up your package at the post office." fuck you asshole - I WAS HOME RING THE BELL!! My Ex worked from home so there was NEVER a time he could have rang the bell and I "missed it". I told the manager at my local post office that if I sucked that bad and refused to ACTUALLY do my job (which his is to deliver the mail, not slips for me to go pick it up) that I would be FIRED! Why is there no accountability at the post office? I would then schedule a redelivery - once again another fucking "sorry me missed you card". It made me insane. I'm sure this guy did it to fuck with me. And I couldn't do anything. Unless I can force all businesses to ship via Fed Ex or UPS I have to use the stupid USPS.

A search on the Better Business Bureau on the post office turns up more than 200 results. All have "Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the BB due to failure to respond to a complaint". SHOCKING.

One time the bell rang. I couldn't believe it. I ran down to get the package and I said "so you finally started ringing them bell." He said "oh I'm not your regular postal guy, he's on vacation." So I got one package delivered once - by the guy filling in for my guy on vacation. UGH

3: The website is almost unusable. Links don't click to anything - like the "click here for live 24/7 support" nothing happens. That's cool. What's the #1 thing you probably want to do on the USPS website? Complain? Probably. But seriously, I would think it's to buy stamps. That’s on the second level of navigation, 3rd one in. I would think it would be on the top left the first place I look. It took me a minute to realize where it was.

4: When trying to track a package online I get 'sorry we don't know anymore info; please contact your local post office'. Why would my local office know more? Shouldn't the website be able to give me SOME info? I shipped something 19 days ago and it's STILL not there. I paid for insurance.

I called the 800 number. A woman answered and she knew NOTHING. She told me what the website said. UM if you work for the post office - can't you find out anything? How can this package be lost? There is a label number on it - why can't anymore info be found out about it!?

She's said you have to go down to where you mailed it and ask them. Fucking great. I can't wait to sit in another 30 minute line at the post office. I said well if this is truly lost when do I get my few hundred dollars back that I insured it for? She said I can't try to claim it until Nov 3rd because that is still within a reasonable time it could be delivered. Ridiculous. 21+ days to deliver a package within the United States? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Are they using carrier pigeon to ship them?

5: I once sent back something I ordered online. It came with a return address label - so I used the one that came with the package. The To and From were both about the same font size. But I would think one could see the difference between the TO address and From address.

Weeks passed and the company hadn't got my return.

Finally one day the package came back to me!!! The fucking post office shipped it back to me!!!! To the FROM Address rather than the TO address. WTFG. So I had to go down to the Brighton post office AGAIN and tell them to ship to the TO address and REFUSED to pay for that again - it was their fault that it took them 3 weeks to ship the package back to the town I shipped it from. And where was it for 3 weeks? Did it even leave Boston? And WHY did that take 3 weeks? I could have walked to deliver it faster.

And Finally 6: Another time I ordered something online. When the package arrived it had been ripped open and was missing everything that was supposed to be in it. The package looked like it had survived a war. Wasn't the postal worker that delivered it embarrased that it was empty? didn't they notice there was NOTHING inside the package. Oh wait... Actually there WAS something in the almost empty box. OTHER PEOPLE'S MAIL!! Like 10 letters for random other people had fallen into the box - people that didn't live on my street, or my town. I had to put those back in the mailbox and hope they got delivered. I then had to call the company I placed the order with and tell them about the empty box. They re-shipped the package. This time via FedEx (got there fast and all in tact).

The Post office claims they have to raise the price of shipping, stamps, etc because other shippers are taking away their business and costs go up. Perhaps if they could ship packages properly we wouldn't be using other shippers. Now letters get sent fine - they seem to do that well. But I do everything online so I rarely actually send mail. It's the packages that always get screwed up.

Oh shit I thought of one other thing. several times - about 5 times my magazines haven't made it to me. Maybe they get stolen in the mail? Stolen by my neighbors? I don't know, but when I call the magazine companies won't send out another copy- they only extend the subscription. Fine but I wanted the magazine I missed! When I called the post office they knew nothing. I don't know who's fault this one is the magazine? thiefs? the post office? All I know is I didn't get my magazines!

Man I hate the post office they really piss me off!

It's a Good Day to be a Boston Sports Fan

It must suck to live in other cities right now. Well, for sports anyway. Boston rocks!

The Pats are 8-0 which is just incredible. But even better than that, they have scored over 30 points each game they've played this season. Each game! Randy Moss catches balls that no one else could. And Brady even ran for 2 TDs yesterday! They don't just win, they are winning with scores like 52-7, 49-28, 48-27, 38-14. The Pats are tying or breaking records each week.

And people were worried about tapes? UM seems the Jets have only won 1 game since then - it's doubtful we ever got some kind of advantage with those tapes. Sorry Jets fans.

Then as if our day wasn't already great in Boston - the Red Sox SWEEP the world series!


I sat in amazement as that last pitch was thrown. Strike. It's over. I can't believe that we have won 2 times in the last 4 years - after the 86 year drought / curse. I do recognize we have the 2nd highest payroll in baseball, but the Yankess have the highest and didn't even make it to the ACLS.

They are going to start comparing Francona with Belichick. Wow has the entire homepage dedicated to the Sox.

Bostonians can truly be happy for about a week, then there will be something else to bitch about again. :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Annoying Flash Sites

I love cool design. I do. I'm a UI Designer - I hope I like design.

I love excellent design of all kinds: Clothes, Shoes, Handbags, Houses, Cars, Buildings, Websites... you name it.

I think flash can do some really cool things, but most sites that are all flash just annoy me. Why you ask? Because I can't use the fucking back button.

My mental model is that the BACK button should take me BACK to the previous page, not kick me out to the homepage of the entire site. I HATE this about flash sites.

Uniqlo, the site I love to hate, does exactly that. And now I was just on Mazda's site trying to look at the CX-7. I looked at the exterior and wanted to go back to see the interior. What happens when I click back? Well I am back on the freaking homepage where I have to one AGAIN select which vehicle I want to look at. I already DID THAT. I shouldn't have to do that again!

If you want to use flash on your site - great. Find a way to have the back button still work!!

Moonstruck Chocolates

About 4 years ago I saw some show on the Food Network talking about how great the chocolates are at Moonstruck - so I ordered some from their website. They were quite tasty. But shipping chocolates across the country can get expensive. So I only ordered from them twice.

I went to the Natick Collection the opening week - what a zoo that was. Fucking insane. No one can drive - people are tring to enter where it says do not enter and then giving me the finger because I'm coming out (the right way) and they are annoyed I'm not letting them into a do not enter. Idiot assholes. But aside from trying to park at the Natick Collection the rest of the new mall is pretty damn nice. Anyway, opening week walking around there were still a bunch of stores that hadn't opened yet. One was Moonstruck! I was really excited they were coming to the east coast finally.

Today when I was back at the Natick Collection - Moonstruck is open! YEY! So I got 6 chocolates and they sure are tasty.

If it was possible to Love Tom Brady More...

Then that's how I feel today. I love Tom Brady! I love Vrabel. I love Randy Moss. I love the Patriots. It's 45-0 right now against the Redskins and we're in the 4th quarter. Tom Brady is on FIRE this season! Randy Moss catches the most insane passes. Passes no one has any business catching - somehow he does it. It's amazing.

Next week is the Colts now that is going to be a crazy game. The Pats better win I will be so pissed if Manning wins that game.

and in about an hour I can watch the Red Sox in game 4 of the World Series up 3-0 in the series.

It's an amazing season to be a Boston fan.

Update: 52-0 with 5 minutes left. Amazing.

Ok so with 3 minutes left the Redskins finally scored making it not completely a blowout. Making it 52-7.

I have a friend [and Rams fan - not sure why :P] that claims the Patriots only ever win by a field goal. That may have happened in some games, but not anymore. Oh and they tied a recond by the Rams today which I was quite happy to hear.

Who knew the Patriots were going to be their own Fantasy Football team this year? I should have just drafted the whole team!

The Natick Collection

The new Natick Collection is like mecca for me. I swear I hear angels singing as I enter Nordstrom's. Maybe it's just the piano? Maybe it's all in my head. Who cares? In my world this is what heaven is like. Lots of shoes, handbags, and clothes. Only fabulous ones that fit fantastic and mirrors that make you look great. Oh and price is no issue. There is no budget. Now THAT is heaven!

I was with my boyfriend so I had to curb my spending. Such a travesty. There were some great Cole Haan Yolanda boots but they didn't have a 7.5. I could order them, but I have to make sure there are no other boots I want more.

Looking at them more I'm pretty sure I want them. I love the 3 buckles.

Ok I must have them.

I called and ordered them. YEY! OH AND... they have Nike Air in the sole which will make them super comfy to wear. Even better!

Now for those Manolos... Neiman's and Norstrom's didn't have them in their stores yet.

Ummmmm WTF?

So what's up with the Miami /Giants regular season game being played today in England? Why England? And REALLY 0-6 MIAMI!??? I guess at least it's against the Giants who are doing pretty well. But that is like watching pros play against college students they are going to CRUSH Miami.

Are we trying to get the Europeans into American Football? Seems they are pretty rooted in Soccer - why would they suddenly latch onto American Football? As much as they try to get Americans into Soccer - it has never caught on here like it has in other countries. So why would it work the other way around? I mean I love football, I don't know why it's not popular worldwide - but I grew up on it so it's just embedded in me. And I DOUBT watching Miami - who frankly blows this year - will get people excited about football. Why not send the Patrtiots, the Cowboys, the Colts? A team that people would be EXCITED to see play?

And now Miami is going to be EVEN WORSE if that is possible - Ronnie Brown is out for the season - he needs surgery. I had him on my fantasty team - he was one of my big FP earners and now I had to draft someone else. Sucks. Lemon looks like he has potential to be a decent QB, and Miami does have Jason Taylor(maybe he should play for the Patriots next year??) but the team needs more than 2 decent healthy players. People want to see a close game - not a blowout. Maybe Miami can rally, but it's doubtful.

Wonder if the game is sold out, and how much the Brits will like it? Do they even know the rules of the game? The game is much more fun once you know what is happening. But whatever we'll see how it goes...

Manolo's Open-Toe Watersnake Pump

What a great shoe for holiday parties! This is one of the new arrival shoes from Manolo Blahnik at Neiman's.

I love the snakeskin black and silver pattern mixed with leopard and the cute rhinestones that make is perfect for the holidays.

These can look great with a little black dress, a gunmetal charcoal dress, or black cigarette pants. Like these Milly cigarette pants:

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kick Ass Cupcakes

So looks like Kick Ass Cupcakes is really taking off... I got a "Zagat Buzz" email yesterday praising them and this new great place in trendy Davis. Not so new for me anymore ;)

They loved the Lucky and the Mojito (which are my two favorites as well).

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I LOVE Tom Brady

Have I said that before? I love Tom Brady. For so many reasons.

I have Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and the Patriots defense on my fantasy team. I wish I had drafted Wes Welker too.

the score is 42-7 and it's only HALFTIME WOOOO HOOOOOO

What's not to love?

Fox Fantasy Football SUCKS

Fucking Fox sports hosted by msn blows. It's the worst. I have been attempting to update my fantasty team for 45 minutes and I can't even get a page to load!

when I finally got the page to load and tried to change up who was on my bench and save the changes. I got a fucking server error. If you want to host fantasy sports you need to have enough servers to handle the bandwidth! WTF

Meanwhile my Yahoo team was a breeze to edit - even at 12:50. Perhaps I should have tried before 12:15 to update my team, but one would assume with a high speed internet connection I could actually update my team in a timely manor. What a fool I was. In the time I started this bitchy post - the game has started and the Patriots have already scored a touchdown a few minutes into the game.

I STILL can't get the stupid page to load. Fox Sucks. It even caused my browser to crash numerous times. AND I was running firefox and IE just to see which would come up first. Firefox crashed and closed the browser alltogether. I hate Fox sports right now.

I have been attempting to update my team for a FULL HOUR now. This is bullshit.

UPDATE: thank god the defense I was attempting to take off the bench wasnt playing until 4:15 so I was able to finally save my team update at 1:39 pm - one hour and 20 minutes after I started - WTG fox sports. you rock. grrrrrrr. The Pats got 2 tds and an interception during this whole thing and Miami even manage to score one. And by the time I was able to even finish typing this the Pats ran back a 75 yard kick for yet another TD.


I wish I had an event to wear this to

I really like this Nina Ricci dress.

The color and sparkle are really wild on this, with feathers! I'm not sure I've ever liked anything with feathers on it before. It looks like this dress would really catch the light nicely. Certainly a dress that would spark discussion.

This dress is way too expensive for me - $5,950.00 - WOW! I really need to find a better paying job! If I had a lot of money and fancy events to go to this winter I would be wearing this.

Nili Lotan

So I know Vogue loves Nili Lotan shirts. I saw them at Barneys and Tess (in Newton Center), but I didn't get it. they were ok, but I didn't really feel the $250 love.

Why is this shirt so much better than a Thomas Pink shirt? It looks like it may be more worn and comfortable, but is it that much more comfortable?

I hadn't ruled them out though. I'm still considering a Nili Lotan shirt, but I think I like the Thomas Pink one's more - I like a slightly more fitted shirt on women. A few of them [Nili Lotan] looked too drab though - and I feel like the Alex B&W pattern dress reminds me of either a grandmother's house dress from the 1930s, or shirts I have seen in photos of holocaust victims. Which made me really upset, why make a shirt reminiscent of such a horrific event.

But then I see this pea coat from the Fall 2007 collection and I really like it. A nice bright red color with silver buttons.

This is the kind of coat you could have for years - a classic.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Furla Handbags

Bright colors seem to be all the rage this season, as is patent leather. I don't think I own one orange thing in my wardrobe (maybe for fear I'd look like a pumpkin), but I really love this bag. I don't think I'd buy it because I would probably never use it. But if I had all kinds of money to blow on shoes and handbags this would be one of my splurges. But back to reality. I need a classic handbag I can use everyday.

There is something funky about Furla's Frida bag, maybe it's the combination of the shape and the color. Maybe it's the shiny patent. It looks like a bowling ball bag, but there is something about it. Maybe you can buy it and let me borrow it one night :)

And Furla just announced (on October 19th) that they are going to open 3 or 4 more stores in 2008. Let's hope that means one in Boston so I don't have to drive all the way to New York City to get a bag!

Green with Envy

In Harper's Bazaar October issue they show this awesome Green Satin Marc Jacobs shoe for $695:

Now I have no idea what I would actually wear this with? A black cocktail dress? Perhaps... but they are so cute I want them. I will then have to buy an outfit to match! ha ha It looks like the dark greens and purples could be big this winter.

I tried to Google these to see what stores are carrying them and it seems like none so far. I went to Marc Jacobs, Bloomingdales, Saks, Neiman's websites and none had this shoe.

I will have to keep checking to see when they will be available. Looks like it could be a great shoe for all those holiday parties this winter.

Friday, October 19, 2007

ohhhh pretty...

So Jonathan Kelsey, a former designer of Jimmy Choo shoes has started his own line.

I am digging it. There don't seem to be a lot of shoes yet, but the ones I see are pretty darn cool looking. The heels are funky.

I love this shoe:

The patent is shiny, but not obnoxious - and I love the edging and the studs on the side. At $735.00 it's not cheap, but consider it a good investment in art.

I really like these other ones too. I don't think I would wear them, well maybe I would . They are pretty funky. Probably a little too trendy for the price, although $585.00 isn't terrible... I really like the look and the color of them:

I think Jonathen Kelsey has potential to become a big shoe designer. I just read an article where they claimed he would become the "British Christian Louboutin". that is quite a claim.

Why men should invest in a good pair of shoes

Buying expensive shoes is not necessarily an expense; it's more like an investment.

read more digg story

Men seem to hate to spend money, unless it's on: video games, plasma tvs, some kind of electronics like the tv, or their vehicles. Everything else they seem to want the cheapest possible. and usually it shows.

So I just came across this article in and this guy talks about how men should really invest in a good pair of shoes. Really it's worth it. buy a good pair and they will really last a lifetime.

Let's just compare the money saved if you buy a pair of $40 shoes every year you will spend about $2400 in your lifetime on this one kind of shoe (I'm not counting sneakers etc). Now if you went out and bought 1 pair for $400-$700 and that pair lasts you a lifetime - you've saved money!

The guy on says:

Let's put it this way: $80 shoes will last half as long as $160 shoes, but $360 shoes will last your whole lifetime. Watch out though, $360 shoes without a shine can easily look like $80 shoes. When someone is buying expensive shoes, he is usually paying for the brand name, as well as for quality craftsmanship.


Luxurious shoes are usually handmade, which means people will take care of sewing quality seams and guarantee a quality finish. The shoes should therefore have less manufacturing mistakes, have a better overall finish and should last longer. The little details added in the finish create an extra element of style. They will also increase the durability of the shoe.

Fashion Trend: The Spectator Shoe

Last fall I bought a pair of black Stuart Weitzman Spectators. Spectators look like men's oxfords with a heel (sometimes they are called correspondent shoes). I thought they were so cute. They had this great 1920s look and yet still look modern. They look cute with jeans, dressy pants, skirts, and dresses. So it’s a pretty versatile shoe. The heel was pretty high, but the platform helped make walking easier. Plus I have to admit I love how tall heels make me so I usually say the higher the better - who cares if I can't walk?

Somehow Stuart Weitzman makes really high heels easy to walk in and relatively comfortable. I own a lot of his shoes. Bloomingdales always has a good selection, and depending where you live there are whole bunch of Stuart Weitzman stores. Copley Plaza has one.

This fall, it seems the Spectators are even more popular as every shoe maker seems to be making a version of them. And this looks like a style that will come back again years from now and still look cool (not like fluorescent t-shirts).

Here's a really cute pair of Stuart Weitzman's - they are actually different from the pair I bought last year - the heel is smaller on these:

It's called the Mendoza-Platform and they are $298.00 at Bloomingdale's often has good sales and you can get them for less there. These look like they would looks super cute with a skirt or jeans.

Fendi has a cute patent leather peep toe one at Barneys for $710.00:

These patent Moschino's are cute, but at $460.00, I'm not sure they are 'cheap and chic' like their name suggests (I guess it's all relative):

This is my must have pair - sort of a take on the spectator. I think I am literally going down to Barneys today to buy these Marc Jacobs for $450.00, I LOVE THEM:

Kick Ass Cupcakes

One day when I was walking or running (I can't remember which I was doing) through Davis Square - I suddenly see a sign for 'Coming Soon - Kick Ass Cupcakes'. I thought wow that sounds promising. I love cupcakes.

Then I waited... Seems like day after day - maybe even months I ran past there and there was no change. I was afraid Kick Ass wasn't coming soon after all. I was so sad…

On Labor Day I was at a friend's BBQ and the discussion amongst the women turned to: when exactly Kick Ass Cupcakes was going to open. The men were confused they said things like: "It's just a cupcake, what's the big deal?" or "get a piece of cake isn't it the same thing" No no no, my friend, it is not.

A cupcake is like your own little piece of heaven. It's an entire self contained unit with a perfect (if done right) ratio of frosting to cake. And everyone has their own special way of eating one. I personally like to rip it in half and eat the bottom half first - (the cake only part) and then eat the top half that has lots of frosting with a little cake. MMMMM yummy.

The men looked baffled and the women were annoyed they couldn't just accept that women have a love affair with the cupcake. Get over it boys and just accept.

Days later, I was running on my usual route and I it was open! I was sooooo excited! It was pretty packed - mostly with women trying to get their sugar fix on cupcakes.

I ran home and told my boyfriend who once again said "now why is it that cupcakes are so special and we have to run down to this place?" I said because I'm a woman, women loves cupcakes, just accept it. He finally agreed, but also added that these would probably taste the same as every cupcake we've ever tried and not be 'kick ass'. I probably made a face.

So... we get down there that night and it's packed. Once again it’s a 90/10% of women to men ratio. My boyfriend seemed embarrassed I've dragged him "to a cupcake place" - whatever they all know he's with his girlfriend who obviously dragged him there. So we each order one. My expectations are high with a name like kick ass, plus I also don't want to hear flack from the boyfriend if they suck. Because I will never live that one down.

We get home and I bite into my cupcake - the Lucky cupcake - gold cake, vanilla frosting, and candied ginger on top. OMG it TRULY IS A PIECE OF HEAVEN!!! It's one of the best cupcakes I've ever tasted in my life! I think I devour this cupcake it about half a second. And then I'm sad because I only bought one. My boyfriend got a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. I notice he also eats his very quickly. He then says "wow that was a pretty awesome cupcake". I said SEEE this is why women love cupcakes!

I had also taken a menu and read each flavor carefully. They all sound so good. I start to plan my next order. I also notice they offer delivery for 12 or more cupcakes. That could come in handy on a very bad day!

So now we go back almost once a week. But now we order 2 each. The folks at kick ass put them in a little bakery box that has one of those coffee like tray holders to keep each cupcake upright and not bumping into the others. Genius!!! Every time we go back it's packed - with that 90/10 ratio but my boyfriend is apparently over that because he's pretty happy to order his 2 cupcakes.

I recommended Kick Ass to another friend (well anyone that will listen to me really), but anyway... She went with a friend and was skeptical. But once they had that little bite of heaven they were hooked. This stuff is like crack. She was also disappointed that she hadn't bought two.

Kick Ass Cupcakes rocks and I hope they become a Davis institution for a long time. I look forward to many more tasty cupcakes. If you go to check it out save being disappointed – order two cupcakes right up front – you won’t regret it!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Idiot Drivers

Today I was behind a woman who was more concerned with fixing her hair than driving. Since she was doing this she couldn't then drive the speed limit.. so she was driving really slow while she tried to 'fix' her hair.

The wicked annoying thing - I was behind her at 3 different red lights - did she fix her hair while at the red light? NO!! She waits until she starts driving again to start fucking with it and looking in the mirror at it! What an idiot! Stop screwing with your hair and drive - pay attention to the road!

Then twice today I was behind a person that was driving in the right lane (of a 2 lane road) and then put their left blinker on and took a left turn - from the right lane - crossing over the left lane cutting off the left lane traffic to take the turn. Who does this? WTF is wrong with you!? and it happened TWICE - two different people! ARGH

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Driving in Somerville

Somerville is only 4 square miles. Yet it can take you a good hour to get from one side to the other. Well maybe not an hour, but definitely a half hour. What is the deal? It makes me crazy sometimes.

this morning when trying to drive to work they had cedar street closed off in the middle. So I had to drive around all the way up into winter hill (because that is where the closest cross street I could take a left onto was... UGH)

That wasted a good 10 minutes of my morning driving closer to Cambridge to get to Arlington on my way to work. Annoying.

But they finally paved over the railroad tracks on Cedar at the beginning of the bike path. Does this mean they really are starting work on continuing the path into Cambridge?

Ghost Hunters

This is just the coolest show. I love Ghost Hunters.

I don't know how these guys investigate these hauntings and keep their cool. I would freak out! Yet I think it could be really cool to do. Can you imagine capturing a ghost on audio? or better yet on camera? or to see something in person?

Often they debunk that it's haunted, but the times they prove a place is haunted - it's crazy freaky.

On Halloween they are going to have a live show! It's either going to be boring or crazy - they are going back to a place they have already proved is haunted. And they have people that want to be the next investigator. I can't imagine my first shot is on Halloween and live! Those people must be freaking out.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Red Sox :(

What's happening? We've fallen apart these last two games.

I want Josh Beckett back. Isn't he supposed to be back next game?

Maybe I posted that too soon.... is this a comeback? Ramirez makes it 7-3.. hmmm there's hope yet.

we might be vanilla but our labs are chocolate

Found it. I love this video!!!

It starts with "where my wasps at"? Hillarious. I love that the guys are wearing the sweaters tied around their necks and khakis with whales on them. Funny stuff. I'm glad the bad sweater pic reminded me of this video.

This is the new site I love to hate

I'm back to Uniqlo. The site makes me crazy. But I've said enough about that.

From what I was able to see in the sea of scrolling clothes - there appeared to be some cute things. But also some REALLY UGLY things.

So ugly I must comment.
what is the deal with this?? This guy is wearing a gray sweater, then he has the EXACT same gray sweater tied over his shoulder. Why would you want this look? I mean the one sweater is actually fine. But the second? Why? and really I can't stand the tied sweater around the neck thing. It looks so Nantucket. Speaking of which I need to find the you tube video about the nantucket cable knit sweater guys .. singing "we might be vanilla but our labs are chocolate"... dorks lol
and now for this gem. WTF who wears a purple velour sweatshirt over an already giant ugly green sweater? The hat is cute. I like that - that is the only thing I like about this outfit. The purple sweatshirt thing could be fine on it's own but what's the deal with that olive green sweater? yuck.

Amy Winehouse

So I love Amy Winehouse's album - Back To Black.

'Tears Dry on Their Own' is my favorite song off the album. It's such a great song I can't help belting it out in the car. I'm sure to anyone else in the car's dismay.

I just love the sound of this album - it's like retro soul, jazz, blues. I think she has a great voice. It's good stuff.

What's strange to me is that it seems every single kind of radio station is playing her now. From the pop stations, to independent radio, to alternative rock. Kind of odd, but whatever.

Rumor has it that Prince wants to work with her on a project. Now that could be awesome!

But men don't seem to dig her as much as women. Is is that heroin sheek look that's the turn off? She is way too skinny - and then wears that giant beehive that may possibly weigh more than the rest of her body. I have heard she admits to be anorexic and doing heroin. yikes. I hope this isn't the next Janis Joplin because I am already looking forward to future albums.

men and jeans

What's with men and old beat up jeans? Men want to wear their jeans until the fabric disintegrates off of them and they are left with just the button. Why? I don't really get this.

I definitely wear my jeans. But I have so many pairs they are in a rotation. I have never worn a pair of jeans until they just fell apart. I didn't know it was possible. Apparently, according to men, it is.

I donate my jeans to goodwill before that happens. I get bored with them. Goodwill must really like me I give them a lot of nice clothes. Some I've never ended up wearing.

Why can't guys just buy enough pairs so that they can have a rotation too and not be forced to wear a pair into the ground? I think there is a 10 pair minimum. And they can't all be the exact same ones 10 times. 10-15 different pairs.

Because guys need the work ones that they paint in and whatever it is they are doing when they think they are being handy - they still need some cheapy jeans. I'm ok with that, but those become nasty and shouldn't be worn other than for doing these handy things. Once there are holes in them they are no longer acceptable jeans to "go out in".

And men need to spend some time and find a pair that fits and looks nice. What's wrong with that? Men think nothing of blowing an entire weekend watching sports, but tell them to spend an hour or two looking for a good pair of jeans and they almost implode. oh. my. god. the. horror. shopping for two hours. boo hoo suck it up.

I think men should find a few nice pairs of jeans they can dress up or down and still look good. If you are spending a lot on a pair - make sure they are a classic fit and wash - so that you get a lot of wear out of them.

Diesel makes a nice dark wash boot cut men's jean. I think it's perfect. And I'm not recommending jeans with foo foo designer stuff on the back pocket. Only chicks like that, well and feminine men do too (which I enjoy) but I'm trying to get nice straight guys to get a decent pair of jeans.

Here's the Diesel's: They are the Zathan 71S Boot-Cut Jeans

They are not cheap at $200. But they look stylish and classic at the same time, and they have a simple back pocket. These won't go out of style at the end of 2007. A good investment on a pair of men's jeans if you ask me.

Diesel also has another great casual style for men: Zathan 8GB Jeans. they look kind of slouchy like men seem to love. Here's another great Diesel style: Oil-Stained Viker 72C Jeans.

7 for all mankind makes some really nice looking men's jeans as well. I like the standard detroit jeans. Their pockets are a little more stylized than diesel, but not too bad. I think it's still manly enough. They have a whole bunch of different styles. I like most of them.

Neiman's has a great feature: you can shop for the jeans by pocket - so you can quickly rule out all the definite NO's right away.

Rock and Republic make great women's jeans, but I think the men's ones are too foofy for straight men. No straight guy is going to wearing giant flourishy R's on there ass pocket. I don't think they will anyway. I've never seen it.

Guess, Calvin Klein, and DKNY also make some pretty nice straight forward jeans for men. And these jeans are usually at Macy's and aren't quite as expensive as the other brands.

'designer' Levi's

So Levi's, the standard for jeans for so many years, must have felt their market share shrink with the dawn of designer denim.

I have wondered for a while what exactly they were going to do about all this designer denim that has taken over. Because what girl doesn't want Swarovski crystal on their ass sometimes. I know I do!

And everyone - man and woman - knows how hard it is to find a good looking pair of jeans that fit well. Fit is crucial. It's such a pain finding jeans that fit well. and when you find a designer that makes a fit you like - you know you can keep coming back to that designer. This is why I love 7 for all mankind jeans.

I figured Levi's would either fade away, start getting sold at Wal-Mart (maybe they already are sold there? I don’t know what Wal-Mart sells), or come up with their own version of designer denim.

Because it seems like everyone and their mother is buying designer denim. And what shocks me people that don't have a lot of money aren't bothered by buying a $200 pair of jeans if they fit. It appears to me the bulk of Jasmine Sola's business is built on selling designer denim. I see high school kids, college students wearing $200 jeans and I wonder how on earth can they afford this? I was so poor in college. I thought $50 jeans were "crazy expensive" then. Ah how times have changed..... Jeans have to hit the $260+ mark for me to consider them "expensive" now.

But back to Levi's. It seems initially Levi's solved the problem by suing people. (another article) Maybe because they know they missed the boat on designer denim. I mean were the people in charge at Levi's asleep when this happened? I've been buying 7 for all mankind jeans for years now. I think I now have 15 pairs. Plus Rock and Republic, True Religion, BCBG, and J & Company jeans. It took Levi's 6 years to catch up on designer denim?? When it started everyone knew Levi's. I mean when Levi's were the king of jeans they had two "competitors" if we can call them that: Wrangler and Lee. but we all know EVERYONE wanted Levi's over the other two. Now there are like 30 different brands of expensive denim and Levi's is just one in a sea of many.

Now they finally have decided to join in the fun with the launch of their new jeans: 'CapitalE'. But why so late to the game? And really these Levi's better make me lose 10 lbs if they are going to charge me $200 for them because I KNOW I can get the regular ones for $30.

I saw an ad for them in this month's Vogue - or it could have been Harper's Bazaar- I need to check. They didn't seem so much different from the regular Levi's except these are "handmade" - but aren't most jeans made by someone in a factory somewhere? Perhaps I need to research jean manufacturing to find out.

I'm not against Levi's - in fact I have two pairs myself. But they are my cheap standby jeans that I paid 30 something dollars for.

And I certainly don't think these jeans are ugly. They aren't- they are pretty cute. They look nice in the photo. But $200 nice? I want crystal on my ass for $200 dammit!!! How is this REALLY that much better than a pair of regular Levi's? They look the exact same.

And this just scares me.. I REALLY hope these are just rolled up and not pegged. I cannot take pegged jeans coming back. That is worse than flourescent t-shirts that say RELAX on them.

And these are "on sale" for $80 - they were $198. Who pays $198 for a pale pair of jeans. Pale jeans make you look fat. If you are not a super model (And let's face it most of us aren't) you need darker washed jeans. they are slimming. Seriously. Trust me. Dark Denim is your friend.

most. annoying. site. ever.

WTF is the deal with this site? How can anyone actually LOOK at the clothes they potentially want to buy??? Clicking anywhere seems to throw you back to the homepage, the back button totally doesnt work becuase it's all flash. ANNOYING! and then as if that wasn't bad enough.. the freaking clothes move back and forth in a dizzying way to show you the close up. Clicking (which I expected would STOP the MOVEMENT or "my mental model" if you will) just brought me to this insane mosiac view where I have to try to decide which item of clothing I want to view. From a mosiac!?? How do I even know where to look? I have to hover to actually have the little mosiac piece even make sense to see the item.

It could be a belt, hat, gloves, shirt, jeans, pants, spin the wheel who knows... wheeeeeeeeeee WTF! And you can't shop online - I guess it's to promote the store... but with this kind of user experience I think I'll skip it and go right on into Bloomies or Saks.

Let's see.. here's the "wicked useful" mosiac view. This is how I usually like to shop for clothes :S

If the site is this crazy - what does the store look like??? Clothes dancing on racks? Strobes lights and blaring club music? Moving shelves?

They seem to have some cute things, but who can tell with this crazy design? I don't even understand how the designer came up with this concept and how once they started building it - they were able to keep track of what they put where. I'd be totally lost. I mean it's pretty. But it's not useful.

Oh and wait... there's more! if you click on a category.. let's say women / shirt - you then see a SEA, and I mean a SEA of shirts scrolling non-stop on the page! 10 across and 8 down!!!! Who the hell can focus. I cannot scan fast enough to see them. And once again the "mental model" (to use the annoying buzz word people seem obsessed with at my company) is broken becuase hovering doesn't MAKE THEM STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they just keep right on moving! I am dizzy. I feel drunk and it's only 11 in the morning.

now picture this stupid thing scrolling vertically, or better yet go to their website and see it for yourself. It's like a slot machine...

I so love this jacket

Elie Tahari has a new fall jacket inspired by a military look. Wow is it CUTE! I love the patent leather colar and trim at the wrists. and the buttons are really cute. Only problem with it - I'm sure my boobs won't fit - you need have no chest to wear this thing. I think I will need to try it on anyway just to be sure though.

And this bright cobalt blue color is popping up every where this fall. It looks great with black.

What I DON'T like is why is the jacket tucked into the patent leather skirt? it looks weird. I think it would look better just sitting over it right at the waist.

This is the coolest thing

Right brained or left?

My co-worker sent me this link and said don't read the text on the left - just look at the picture and tell me which way this person is moving. Ok...

Immediately I said counter clockwise. It was so completely obvious to me. She was shocked - thinking I would definitely see it clockwise (as I am a user interface designer). Then the longer I stared at it - suddenly the damn thing started moving clockwise! and I couldn't see it counter clockwise anymore! When I closed the page and reopened it - it was back to counter clockwise. And now it keeps switching for me.

I am starting to be convinced they are secretly switching out the image and fooling everyone. How else is this possible?

My co-worker was sure I was right-brained and I am pretty sure I am because I am terrible at math. I guess I can use both sides of the braind though since I am able to see this thing moving in both directions. Perhaps this shows why I am able to do UI Design well - I can see both sides Design and Engineering.. who knows.... it's pretty cool though.

Fantasy Football

First I have to start by saying I love Tom Brady. I loved him before this season. I loved him when Drew Bledsoe got injured and Tom had to step in. Ok now that - that's out of the way...

Last year in fantasty football I got screwed! My computer crashed during the draft AS I WAS DRAFTING BRADY! The world was clearly against me! Another person of course then drafted him out of spike for me ;) and then held it over my head proposing insane trades all season. I ended up with a bunch of so-so players on auto draft while I waited for my computer to restart. That SUCKED.

This year I was prepared. I had pre- selected who I wanted so if I had that failure auto draft would kick in and (hopefully) get me the people I wanted. Mostly Patriots players. Especially Brady and Moss. People laughed at me for drafting Moss claiming he was old, but I thought he would be good. So far he has been - although some weeks haven't been as great as others (fantasy points wise). Overall I am psyched he's doing so well for the Patriots and we're winning games! Plus he got that record of catching a TD every Monday night game he's every played.. WTG!

So this week Tom being the amazing quaterback that he is - got me 40 something points on fantasy! YEY! Yahoo sports is listing him as the #1 QB in fantasy football on the 'hot' list. I expected nothing less. It's gotta suck being on the 'not' list. Which Kurt Warner is on, but cut that guy a break - he has to be doing better than Matt Leinart was doing before he broke his shoulder or collarbone or whatever it was.

So now I don't know what I am going to do when the Patriots have a bye week - because 60% of my fantasy team is the Pats. I'm screwed. Right now I'm 5-1 - yey! But it's still early - there are 10 weeks left anything could happen. My backup players just aren't performing well enough to make up for the Pats. Hopefully I can afford to lose that game on the bye week....

Monday, October 15, 2007

favorite new albums

I love the new Pornographers new album and Band of Horses.. Catchy songs.. I'm digging it. I've only listened to each once.. so I need some more time, but so far I am liking it. Dashboard Confessional came out with a new album that also seems promising. I need to take another listen.

and now this week there is nothing new. the Newbury Comics coupons aren't very exciting this week. I have enough pint glasses. I want a good album. Maybe Jimmy Eat World will be ok, but I don't know..

I love Barneys

Barneys always has the most eclectic stuff. I feel like I find things there no other store has. And it's usually cool.

And they aren't afraid to take risks like with window displays at Christmas and their catalogs - the "Andy Warholidays" last year - which honestly was a stretch - Yet intriguing at the same time. And it seems they sell up and coming designers - which seems like a risk for a store... But what do I know? I just know it’s usually pretty interesting.

Their catalogs always have the coolest stuff. Now on my salary I can only dream about the 'main floor' clothes and have to shop at the Co-OP... But the shoes - it's like an addiction – I buy all levels of shoes. I don't do heroin. I do shoes.

Like this Versace jacket from the main floor. OMG I love it. It's like a little bell. I'm sure it feels fabulous too. It’s just gorgeous. But it's 5 grand. I just can't spend that :( I wish I could. I need a raise. Maybe it will be on a sale rack at the end of the season, but that’s doubtful – it’s too cute.

and the shoes aren't bad either.. In fact the shoes I do want are by Lanvin. They are super cute, super shiny patent leather. Too high to be comfortable, but who cares when they are this cute??? But the price is steep. $1005 - why the $5? couldn't they round it to $1000 I mean if I am already spending one thousand dollars on a pair of shoes I guess I don't care about the 5 bucks, but that's at least a latte somewhere. The little pic doesn't even do these justice the catalog is like 14"x17" and the shoes looks so much shinier and prettier that big.