Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fluidline = Awesome

OMG I don't know why no one at MAC ever told me about Fluidline before. WHY did they wait so long to tell me? I have been using an inferior pencil from them for my eyeliner for YEARS.

Not that their pencil was bad really. I loved it - nice and charcoaly (is that a word?) and it blended nicely with one of their dark eye shadows.

But fluidline is so great! It stays on ALL day long! It's waterproof! It doesn't smudge once it dries (really)! AND it didn't transfer to the top of my eye when I blinked like the pencil does. You know when you get that annoying line from your eye liner right below your eyebrow in the completely wrong place? No more with this stuff. It's not really a liquid either - it's a gel that you paint on.

I vow to never use pencil eyeliner again.

Using this over the paint pot bare study I think - it really doesn't crease all day and wears well.

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