Tuesday, October 16, 2007

men and jeans

What's with men and old beat up jeans? Men want to wear their jeans until the fabric disintegrates off of them and they are left with just the button. Why? I don't really get this.

I definitely wear my jeans. But I have so many pairs they are in a rotation. I have never worn a pair of jeans until they just fell apart. I didn't know it was possible. Apparently, according to men, it is.

I donate my jeans to goodwill before that happens. I get bored with them. Goodwill must really like me I give them a lot of nice clothes. Some I've never ended up wearing.

Why can't guys just buy enough pairs so that they can have a rotation too and not be forced to wear a pair into the ground? I think there is a 10 pair minimum. And they can't all be the exact same ones 10 times. 10-15 different pairs.

Because guys need the work ones that they paint in and whatever it is they are doing when they think they are being handy - they still need some cheapy jeans. I'm ok with that, but those become nasty and shouldn't be worn other than for doing these handy things. Once there are holes in them they are no longer acceptable jeans to "go out in".

And men need to spend some time and find a pair that fits and looks nice. What's wrong with that? Men think nothing of blowing an entire weekend watching sports, but tell them to spend an hour or two looking for a good pair of jeans and they almost implode. oh. my. god. the. horror. shopping for two hours. boo hoo suck it up.

I think men should find a few nice pairs of jeans they can dress up or down and still look good. If you are spending a lot on a pair - make sure they are a classic fit and wash - so that you get a lot of wear out of them.

Diesel makes a nice dark wash boot cut men's jean. I think it's perfect. And I'm not recommending jeans with foo foo designer stuff on the back pocket. Only chicks like that, well and feminine men do too (which I enjoy) but I'm trying to get nice straight guys to get a decent pair of jeans.

Here's the Diesel's: They are the Zathan 71S Boot-Cut Jeans

They are not cheap at $200. But they look stylish and classic at the same time, and they have a simple back pocket. These won't go out of style at the end of 2007. A good investment on a pair of men's jeans if you ask me.

Diesel also has another great casual style for men: Zathan 8GB Jeans. they look kind of slouchy like men seem to love. Here's another great Diesel style: Oil-Stained Viker 72C Jeans.

7 for all mankind makes some really nice looking men's jeans as well. I like the standard detroit jeans. Their pockets are a little more stylized than diesel, but not too bad. I think it's still manly enough. They have a whole bunch of different styles. I like most of them.

Neiman's has a great feature: you can shop for the jeans by pocket - so you can quickly rule out all the definite NO's right away.

Rock and Republic make great women's jeans, but I think the men's ones are too foofy for straight men. No straight guy is going to wearing giant flourishy R's on there ass pocket. I don't think they will anyway. I've never seen it.

Guess, Calvin Klein, and DKNY also make some pretty nice straight forward jeans for men. And these jeans are usually at Macy's and aren't quite as expensive as the other brands.


jmr76 said...

"What's with men and old beat up jeans?" I can answer that easily. One: They still fit and they're comfortable. Why fix what ain't broke? Two: I hate shopping for myself and trying on pants. Trying on jeans just takes way too much time. In typical guy fashion, I like to get in the store, buy my stuff, and get out. Three: I replace my jeans when the hole in my back pocket is too big and my wallet falls out.

DJDiva said...

I will glady assist you in shopping for a decent pair of jeans. Seriously. and I really won't make you suffer for hours. I'm a quick shopper. I know what I want.