Saturday, October 20, 2007

Furla Handbags

Bright colors seem to be all the rage this season, as is patent leather. I don't think I own one orange thing in my wardrobe (maybe for fear I'd look like a pumpkin), but I really love this bag. I don't think I'd buy it because I would probably never use it. But if I had all kinds of money to blow on shoes and handbags this would be one of my splurges. But back to reality. I need a classic handbag I can use everyday.

There is something funky about Furla's Frida bag, maybe it's the combination of the shape and the color. Maybe it's the shiny patent. It looks like a bowling ball bag, but there is something about it. Maybe you can buy it and let me borrow it one night :)

And Furla just announced (on October 19th) that they are going to open 3 or 4 more stores in 2008. Let's hope that means one in Boston so I don't have to drive all the way to New York City to get a bag!