Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This is the coolest thing

Right brained or left?

My co-worker sent me this link and said don't read the text on the left - just look at the picture and tell me which way this person is moving. Ok...

Immediately I said counter clockwise. It was so completely obvious to me. She was shocked - thinking I would definitely see it clockwise (as I am a user interface designer). Then the longer I stared at it - suddenly the damn thing started moving clockwise! and I couldn't see it counter clockwise anymore! When I closed the page and reopened it - it was back to counter clockwise. And now it keeps switching for me.

I am starting to be convinced they are secretly switching out the image and fooling everyone. How else is this possible?

My co-worker was sure I was right-brained and I am pretty sure I am because I am terrible at math. I guess I can use both sides of the braind though since I am able to see this thing moving in both directions. Perhaps this shows why I am able to do UI Design well - I can see both sides Design and Engineering.. who knows.... it's pretty cool though.

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