Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ummmmm WTF?

So what's up with the Miami /Giants regular season game being played today in England? Why England? And REALLY 0-6 MIAMI!??? I guess at least it's against the Giants who are doing pretty well. But that is like watching pros play against college students they are going to CRUSH Miami.

Are we trying to get the Europeans into American Football? Seems they are pretty rooted in Soccer - why would they suddenly latch onto American Football? As much as they try to get Americans into Soccer - it has never caught on here like it has in other countries. So why would it work the other way around? I mean I love football, I don't know why it's not popular worldwide - but I grew up on it so it's just embedded in me. And I DOUBT watching Miami - who frankly blows this year - will get people excited about football. Why not send the Patrtiots, the Cowboys, the Colts? A team that people would be EXCITED to see play?

And now Miami is going to be EVEN WORSE if that is possible - Ronnie Brown is out for the season - he needs surgery. I had him on my fantasty team - he was one of my big FP earners and now I had to draft someone else. Sucks. Lemon looks like he has potential to be a decent QB, and Miami does have Jason Taylor(maybe he should play for the Patriots next year??) but the team needs more than 2 decent healthy players. People want to see a close game - not a blowout. Maybe Miami can rally, but it's doubtful.

Wonder if the game is sold out, and how much the Brits will like it? Do they even know the rules of the game? The game is much more fun once you know what is happening. But whatever we'll see how it goes...

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jmr76 said...

Believe it or not, they sold out all 90,000 seats for this game at Wembley stadium in 2 hours. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of American ex-pats over there that bought some tickets.Recently, the NFL folded their NFL Europe league - they used to have about 8 teams playing over there.

I think the NFL is trying to take a page out of the MLB playbook and expand the franchise world-wide. They're talking about having exhibition games in Canada and Mexico coming up.