Tuesday, October 16, 2007

'designer' Levi's

So Levi's, the standard for jeans for so many years, must have felt their market share shrink with the dawn of designer denim.

I have wondered for a while what exactly they were going to do about all this designer denim that has taken over. Because what girl doesn't want Swarovski crystal on their ass sometimes. I know I do!

And everyone - man and woman - knows how hard it is to find a good looking pair of jeans that fit well. Fit is crucial. It's such a pain finding jeans that fit well. and when you find a designer that makes a fit you like - you know you can keep coming back to that designer. This is why I love 7 for all mankind jeans.

I figured Levi's would either fade away, start getting sold at Wal-Mart (maybe they already are sold there? I don’t know what Wal-Mart sells), or come up with their own version of designer denim.

Because it seems like everyone and their mother is buying designer denim. And what shocks me people that don't have a lot of money aren't bothered by buying a $200 pair of jeans if they fit. It appears to me the bulk of Jasmine Sola's business is built on selling designer denim. I see high school kids, college students wearing $200 jeans and I wonder how on earth can they afford this? I was so poor in college. I thought $50 jeans were "crazy expensive" then. Ah how times have changed..... Jeans have to hit the $260+ mark for me to consider them "expensive" now.

But back to Levi's. It seems initially Levi's solved the problem by suing people. (another article) Maybe because they know they missed the boat on designer denim. I mean were the people in charge at Levi's asleep when this happened? I've been buying 7 for all mankind jeans for years now. I think I now have 15 pairs. Plus Rock and Republic, True Religion, BCBG, and J & Company jeans. It took Levi's 6 years to catch up on designer denim?? When it started everyone knew Levi's. I mean when Levi's were the king of jeans they had two "competitors" if we can call them that: Wrangler and Lee. but we all know EVERYONE wanted Levi's over the other two. Now there are like 30 different brands of expensive denim and Levi's is just one in a sea of many.

Now they finally have decided to join in the fun with the launch of their new jeans: 'CapitalE'. But why so late to the game? And really these Levi's better make me lose 10 lbs if they are going to charge me $200 for them because I KNOW I can get the regular ones for $30.

I saw an ad for them in this month's Vogue - or it could have been Harper's Bazaar- I need to check. They didn't seem so much different from the regular Levi's except these are "handmade" - but aren't most jeans made by someone in a factory somewhere? Perhaps I need to research jean manufacturing to find out.

I'm not against Levi's - in fact I have two pairs myself. But they are my cheap standby jeans that I paid 30 something dollars for.

And I certainly don't think these jeans are ugly. They aren't- they are pretty cute. They look nice in the photo. But $200 nice? I want crystal on my ass for $200 dammit!!! How is this REALLY that much better than a pair of regular Levi's? They look the exact same.

And this just scares me.. I REALLY hope these are just rolled up and not pegged. I cannot take pegged jeans coming back. That is worse than flourescent t-shirts that say RELAX on them.

And these are "on sale" for $80 - they were $198. Who pays $198 for a pale pair of jeans. Pale jeans make you look fat. If you are not a super model (And let's face it most of us aren't) you need darker washed jeans. they are slimming. Seriously. Trust me. Dark Denim is your friend.

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