Sunday, October 28, 2007

Moonstruck Chocolates

About 4 years ago I saw some show on the Food Network talking about how great the chocolates are at Moonstruck - so I ordered some from their website. They were quite tasty. But shipping chocolates across the country can get expensive. So I only ordered from them twice.

I went to the Natick Collection the opening week - what a zoo that was. Fucking insane. No one can drive - people are tring to enter where it says do not enter and then giving me the finger because I'm coming out (the right way) and they are annoyed I'm not letting them into a do not enter. Idiot assholes. But aside from trying to park at the Natick Collection the rest of the new mall is pretty damn nice. Anyway, opening week walking around there were still a bunch of stores that hadn't opened yet. One was Moonstruck! I was really excited they were coming to the east coast finally.

Today when I was back at the Natick Collection - Moonstruck is open! YEY! So I got 6 chocolates and they sure are tasty.

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