Friday, October 19, 2007

Why men should invest in a good pair of shoes

Buying expensive shoes is not necessarily an expense; it's more like an investment.

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Men seem to hate to spend money, unless it's on: video games, plasma tvs, some kind of electronics like the tv, or their vehicles. Everything else they seem to want the cheapest possible. and usually it shows.

So I just came across this article in and this guy talks about how men should really invest in a good pair of shoes. Really it's worth it. buy a good pair and they will really last a lifetime.

Let's just compare the money saved if you buy a pair of $40 shoes every year you will spend about $2400 in your lifetime on this one kind of shoe (I'm not counting sneakers etc). Now if you went out and bought 1 pair for $400-$700 and that pair lasts you a lifetime - you've saved money!

The guy on says:

Let's put it this way: $80 shoes will last half as long as $160 shoes, but $360 shoes will last your whole lifetime. Watch out though, $360 shoes without a shine can easily look like $80 shoes. When someone is buying expensive shoes, he is usually paying for the brand name, as well as for quality craftsmanship.


Luxurious shoes are usually handmade, which means people will take care of sewing quality seams and guarantee a quality finish. The shoes should therefore have less manufacturing mistakes, have a better overall finish and should last longer. The little details added in the finish create an extra element of style. They will also increase the durability of the shoe.

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