Thursday, October 11, 2007

UGGH - Really?

I have to first start by saying: I never got the UGG boot thing. I don't like them. They look like boots sherpas should be wearing to climb everest - not out and about on the town.

Second thing: I don't really get Juicy couture. I haven't seen a handbag of theirs that I've liked. I'm not interested in lettering across my ass, so I haven't found any of their clothes to my taste. I *have* seen a few cute pairs of shoes by Juicy (namely a pair of cute patent mary janes).

But now.. I just don't get these. This Juicy boot is not ghetto fabulous like their other stuff with all kinds of gold bling.... It's pink knit UGGs.

UGH - That is what I have to say about these:

Who are these made for? 5 year olds? Why do I want a pom pom hanging off a $300 boot? and really if I am paying for a $300 boot I want it to look cuter than the wool hats and mittens my nana knitted for me when I was a kid. and it's like a mary jane with a wool sock! It's strange.

Now for the super cute mary janes, for $350 I want that gold thingy to not be permanently attached, but otherwise a nice looking shoe:

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Colleen said...

I never got the Ugg thing either. They're fugly! Apparently they are warm though which has me wondering why I see pics on perez and popsugar of people wearing them in the summer. Freaks!