Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Real MASShole

Some people just suck.

I just don't understand the need some assholes feel to yell and scream at random people for no good reason.

Here's the scenario:

I'm in moving hell, boxes stacked as tall as me, my new house in complete chaos with clothes, shoes, furniture, books, and various other things strewn everywhere. My back is killing me because I have just brought my 12th load of clean laundry up 2 flights to put away. I did so much laundry and leaned the baskets against my waist I actually had bruises on each side from the weight and amount of loads I did. On top of that I was cleaning and such - working non stop for 15 hours each day Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and then Sunday. I was exhausted and dirty - I had to run errands in between all of this. I threw on shorts and an I love NY tshirt. basically something I didn't care if it got all dirty or whatever.

so now comes the screaming part.

I had gone to goodwill to donate an entire truck full of duplicate dishes, sheets, towels, old clothes etc. It was a lot of work loading it up, then unloading at Goodwill. I was tired, in pain, hungry, and crabby.

I park my car to go back inside and do more unpacking when some jackass starts screaming out his car window at me "I HATE NY, NY SUCKS, WTF, FUCK NEW YORK" and it goes on....

OK ASSHOLE I get it.

But seriously shut the fuck up! It's a t-shirt. who wanted your stupid opinion anyway? I don't give a flying shit who you like or don't like. And seriously what prick starts screaming out the window at a chick walking into her house? I just do not get behavior like this. There is no reason to verbally assault people walking into their homes at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon - or anytime for that matter!

Moving of the Shoes

As anyone who ever reads my sad little blog knows - I have a small issue with shoes.

I have a lot of them and they are my most valuable possessions besides my kitties. They are my artwork on display.

So moving them to the new condo couldn't be left up to just anyone. I knew special care had to be taken, so my friend and I moved them over ourselves before the move. I didn't bring all of them at once (as I needed a few pairs for the week before the move), but most of them went over a week before.

There were so many they filled the entire back of a Pathfinder with the back seats down! There were 3-4 boxes of shoes per shopping bag and about 60 pairs or so.

We got such a good laugh we had to take a picture:

I'm slacking!

With the chaos of the move (I'm still organizing) I have blown off my blog almost the entire month of July! Oh My!

I will be back in full swing come when my house is organized!

Monday, July 21, 2008

What a Racket!

For the most part I love living in Somerville, but there are some things that just really piss me off.

For example the racket they have going on with the parking situation.

Every year I have to get a permit for $12 (resident and 2 guest)- I am ok with that, but the permit has to renew in March because 'that is the zone' WTF!? So when I first got the permit in November or whenever I first got it a few years ago - I paid $12 for 4 months, then had to pay another $12 in March again! It's not a lot of money, but still if I get a permit for a 'year' it should really be for a 'year' not 2 months, for 4 months - 12 months!!! Today I was in the parking clerks office and the woman next to me just moved here and was getting on and they told her the same bullshit - oh you can't get this July-July - this is only good till March - it's your 'zone'.

Then there are the parking tickets because of 'street cleaning'. If it rains they don't clean the streets, but still ticket!!!! So I can't go on vacation for a week without bringing my car, because I have to move my car at least 2 times a week because of street cleaning 12am-6am two nights a week. Which of course creates a parking nightmare when you can only park on one side of the street overnight. If you forget they of course are quick to ticket.

Then there is the wonderful $30 or maybe even now $50 ticket for 'parking too close to an intersection'. What I love about this one is that we park in the same spot almost every day. Occasionally we have gotten this ticket, most of the time we don't. So I don't understand how only sometimes it's too close, but the other 90% of the time it's totally fine. Must be around end of the month quota time - lets screw residents that park in this same spot every day. I suggested fighting the ticket, bf thinks that is just a bigger waste of time. OH and I should add by 'intersection' they mean a very small one way side street with no light. RIGHT - definitely screwing up traffic at an 'intersection'! OH and the you parked here longer than 2 hours ticket is great. I parked in the same spot every day for about a year. Then one day (around labor day/moving time for college students) - I got a ticket! For violating the 2 hour limit! I literally had parked there every single day for a year without one! And I have never gotten that ticket again either!

Snow emergencies are another joy - first a $100 ticket if you don't make it home in time from work [or wherever you were off to when they declared it] to move your car, then a tow ride on top of that. WOO HOO! Oh and then when you go to the other lots to park, once the ban has been lifted you have 2 hours to get your car out of the lot or MORE tickets/towing. Gotta love it.

Which all leads me to today. I went to go get the parking restriction signs I need to allow a truck next to my building to move out ($10). My guess is I need them for a maximum of 3 hours (maybe less). My new condo has a driveway so I will just have the moving truck pull into that. So all I need were 2 of those restriction signs to hang up on my street for the movers. I have a front lot in my building, but it's slanted so I figured it would just be easier to park on the street - which now that I'm thinking about it - is also slanted. Whatever.

When I moved in I got the 2 signs - hung them up and the movers moved everything in quickly. I fill out the form to get the restriction which BTW they ask for my SS number? UM no don't think so - there is no reason you need my SS number for a 3 hour parking restriction!! WTF!? Then the lady tells me there is a new policy that I have to pay $25 to get a temporary moving van permit for EACH street and then the parking restriction signs for each street. UM no I'm not paying an additional $60 so Somerville can make even more money off me. I said when I moved in I only needed the restrictions - and I already paid for visitor permits. She says yea - you can't use those anymore we changed the rule 2 weeks ago. I mean really. What a bunch of bullshit. For years and years - they made $10 for parking restriction signs, and people probably put their guest parking permit in the window of the moving van. Now suddenly they need to charge $25 per day per vehicle, per street (one moving from and then one moving to)?

Why can't they find better ways to generate revenue than by scamming their residents on parking???? WTF!! So now I'm just going to have the moving van park in my lot on the hill and deal with it. I refuse to waste money on bullshit like that - oh that wouldn't have cost me almost anything 2 weeks ago.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

holy crap

I've been seriously ignoring my blog this week, but I promise I will be back in force once the move is over!

My friend - you know who you are! came over today and helped me pack! I feel like we got so much accomplished. Although I have not yet started my kitchen - which could be a disaster!

We loaded up the entire back of a Nissan Pathfinder (back seats down too) with my shoes to bring them over! I mean they are the most important part of the move (besides the me, my cats, and my clothes). I took pics I need to get them off my camera to post them.

Well no one reading this should be shocked with the excessive amounts of shoes I have. My collection is a serious commitment!

The other good thing my new condo is sparkling clean thanks to 3 very hard working cleaners that worked for 5.5 hours cleaning bf's condo (which I suspect he's NEVER actually cleaned even though he 'claims' he has - wiping down a counter doesn't actually clean the entire kitchen). Good thing I did that 2.5 hours of prep work to get the place organized and threw trash out before they got there!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Back to Reality

UGH it sucks...........

Got back from my vacation at the NJ Shore last night and back to work today. As if coming back to work after a week off isn't stressful enough as it is I had to:

  • Cancel my cable tv and internet

  • Cancel my electricity

  • Set up forwarding addresses for my periodicals and such

  • hire a carpet cleaner to clean my carpets after I move out (part of my lease agreement)

  • go to the post office to mail amended tax returns

  • attempt to do some cleaning @ BF's condo to prepare

  • realized cleaning BF's condo is futile - research hiring a cleaning person

  • narrow cleaning list down to 2 women - one recommended from friend, another from Yelp

  • Stare into the abyss of shit in my apt overwhelmed at how I am going to manage to pack all this shit in time for the movers

  • contemplate how totally overwhelmed I will be when all my shit is combined with bf's shit next week - I need a Valium ugh

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ahhh Vacation....

I've not been that active the last week and a half because I've been enjoying my vacation on the Jersey Shore.

right now I'm looking out the front deck onto the beach and waves coming in - I could get used to a view like this.

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

Happy 4th of July! What a crappy day though :( - oh well I guess I can clean up my house and hope the rest of my vacation week will be nice weather.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

shoes 7-1

I can't believe it's already July! Crazy! 4th of July is this week and we still haven't nailed down our plans.

The good thing about a Jimmy Choo 50% sale is I get to buy 2 pairs. YEY for me - happy 4th of July to me! LOL And I wonder why I have no money? It's all in the shoes......

Jimmy Choo White summer sandals: