Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well after much screaming, yelling, and a near heart attack I survived last night's game to see the Pats go undefeated. Amazing!

Not only did drafting several of the Pats help me win my fantasy football league, they also went 16-0 which is much cooler than me winning my league. It's amazing! Those '72 Dolphins must be pissed.

All I know is that Brady, Moss, and Welker totally rocked it last night. And the defense came up with some pretty good plays. I was really happy to see Hobbs interception, but I had been hoping all night Samuel was going to get at least 2. But whatever, it wasn't perfect, but they won! Now let's hope we can win to get to the Superbowl!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

D&G Trunk Show

Ok so normally I like Dolce & Gabbana. But I was checking out the 2008 Trunk show at Neiman's and I don't get this outfit. Tye dye jeans? Fringed black jacket? brown belt and shoes.. with black?

Cute AND Affordable!

Wow! I think this is the cheapest article of clothing I've ever seen at Barney's! And it's super cute. The price I'm sure is reflective of the fact that the shirt is 100% poly, but it's perfect for the holidays... new years... who knows...

And I didn't know Kate Moss was now designing clothes? Where have I been?

It's only a little snow....

We live in New England! It's just some snow, sure it's annoying and the roads are not plowed perfectly. But they are plowed and it was a little slippery but not really that bad. Nothing that we need to drive 15 in a 40! Come on people!!!! Why Why Why??

Granted with all these snowstorms the last week the pot holes are insane, but 15!? I'm not asking people to drive 60, but maybe at least 30? Geeez...

And the traffic for the malls is just making me crazy. I am so glad I am off work until Jan 2nd!! YEY! No mall traffic for a week, well I'm sure I will hit tons of mall traffic en route to New Jersey for the holidays.

And of course, as always, rotaries just make me insane. Why don't people know the rules of the rotary? They taught us the rules in drivers ed many, many years ago. How did these people get their licenses if they can't navigate a rotary? When you are in the rotary you have the right of way! You don't stop in the middle of the rotary and wave 5 cars in!!!!!! WHO DOES THAT!?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Who has a holiday party on a Monday?

Now why would a company have their open bar holiday party on a Monday night? If you worked where my boyfriend does they apparently thought it was a great idea.

I was sure it would be fun, but also sure I'd be hurting the next day.

And sure enough... I am. I have a horrible headache that I took two advil migranes for around 6:30 in the morning. Still not really helping. I feel terrible.

I tried to limit the drinks, but chocolate martinis with the vodka being poured in from an ice louge was tempting... and tasty... I really should be getting ready for work, but I'm still feeling dizzy. I need coffee.


I can't believe it, but somehow I actually pulled off the win this week in fantasy football even though my quaterback only got me 3.75 points!! YEY! I was convinced the 5th place player was going to take me out, but somehow I managed to get about 15 more points that him. Usually Brady and Moss get me the points each week. But this week it was the Pats defense who came up big - 21 points big. And my other players did pretty well too Brandon Marshall, Jamal Lewis, Aaron Stecker, Jason Witten, Reggie Williams, and Adam Vinatieri. So now I am in the final round competing against the #2 person in the league. Pats have to come up big against Miami this week! Go Pats!

Squish the Fish (remember that from 86?) ha ha

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Damn! 14-0

Well on the one hand I am sooooo excited the Patiots are 14-0 - how cool is that? Second team ever to do that? WOO HOOO

I LOVE that in the post game press conference some reporter asked Brady if he wanted a jacket and Brady said "yea no shit" on live tv! Fantastic! I was suprised they didn't bleep that out. Pretty funny. Now Moss is talking. He's a good speaker for a football player after a game. But what's up with the shirt he's wearing? It looks like a janitor shirt! (with 4 carat diamon earrings?) LOL

OK... so he just confirmed it.. It really IS a janitors shirt!

On the other hand I am so upset about this weather.. My fantasy team was playing in the playoffs. Last week I had the bye - which was cool but we did so well on points and it didn't matter! Now this week when it matter and I am ranked #1 in the league playing the 5th seed - the pats score me NO points (well except the defense YEY!) but WTF this sucks. There are still a few games to play today for my other fantasy players, but I don't think it will be enough to pull off the win.

Taken out by the 5the 5th seed player :(

Looking forward to Spring...

It isn't even winter yet, and I am already looking forward to spring. This weather sucks. Somerville hasn't even plowed my road! I haven't heard a plow all night long, where are they?? I thought they were supposed to be better after the last storm? I know there are less cars on the road today, so where the hell are the plows? The only vehicle I have heard is the firetruck leaving the station across the street from my house.

Since I'm stuck in my house I started checking out the new spring shoe collections. I mean what else is there to do until 1pm when the Pats start playing?

And I am seriously concerned about the game with this weather - mainly because I am in the playoffs in my Fantasy Football league. I had the bye last week - which was cool, but the Pats did awesome. Now in this weather... who knows I'm worried. I may lose in the playoffs. I have been #1 in the league with wins and points and now I could loose because of a stupid storm!!! ARGH!!! I have Brady, Moss, Pats defense, and I play Gaffney today too! I could be screwed. I know the Pats play well in bad weather, but this is *really* bad weather.

Ok back to shoes I can't stress about that any more until 1pm. Then I will really start stressing...

so one of Prada's new spring wedges is super cute. They have it in Black and Silver. I think I want the Silver one. The black one is cute too, but I have a lot of black shoes. I need to pre-order it Bergdorf's and Neiman's have it. Ohh and I have a $50 Neiman's gift card.. Sweet!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Ah the joys of parking in Somerville...

After such a lovely commute home yesterday I get home to find that my building hasn't been plowed. AT ALL. ahhh the joy!

I attempted to drive up the driveway which may be a 90 degree angle. I slid back into the street, narrowly missing pedestrians. Finally I gave up and parked next to the dumpster - the only spot my piece of shit car could pull into. Perhaps it's time to upgrade to 4WD?

Relieved to finally be home after an over 3 hour commute I didn't think about how my car/spot would look like in the morning. I went into the building and called the management company to send out a plow. It's been snowing for 5 hours already, why hadn't anyone come by yet?

This morning I wake up and it's as if I have been plowed in on not one side, but all four!!!! how is this even possible? After an hour long struggle I managed to shovel myself out and get out of my spot and get to work.

Now I can only imagine what the state of the parking lot will be like when I get home from work. They never properly de-ice the lot at my building so I'm sure most of the cars won't be able to make it back into the lot tonight to park so we'll be fighting for spots out on the street, or the 2 open spots in the lot. Which means I need to leave work early if I even stand a chance of getting one of them. UGH

Why can't the building people come over and plow out the cars and help clean up the lot so we can actually get in and out? I mean we pay enough in rent! Shit that's the least they can do! Often our sidewalk isn't shoveled very well either. I'm surprised the building doesn't get fined.

At my previous building that I lived in Brighton the super would snow blow out each of our spots it was fantastic!!! Why can't this place have the guy snowblow us out? The lot is always a mess and since there are so many huge snow piles and people can't fucking drive or park right the spots are reduced from 36 to about 15.

Ah the joys of winter in Boston and parking in Somerville.....

Thursday, December 13, 2007

How long does it take to drive 10 miles?

Well if it's in a snowstorm in *&&%#@ Boston over 3 hours!!!!!! WTF! I wanted to kill someone.

I work in Burlington and I live in Somerville. My house is 10 miles away from my work. On a normal day it's about a 25-30 minute commute. Bad days take me 45 minutes and I'm really annoyed. Really bad days take an hour and I am about ready to flip out.

And then there was today... the commute that tops them all.

It started to snow. I waited until it accumulated a little *big big big mistake* - because when I got on the road so did the rest of Massachusetts. Seriously I think the entire state got on the road at the same freaking time. I got on the road at 12:45, I didn't leave the town of Burlington until 3:15!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG! What is everyone doing? The snow had just started. The roads weren't even THAT bad yet. They got worse the more we sat there, and sat there, and sat there.... How did all the roads build up so fast?

I wanted to cry. I had no where I could go. I couldn't turn around and go back to work - that would have been another 2 hours to get back.

No one could get through the lights because people were blocking the lights trying to make it through. So we sat through one cycle after another.. waiting and waiting. Then of course the person in the front of the lane wouldn't go around the blocking cars until they were cleared. UGH All the offices had cars piling out of each driveway which made it worse for us in the back. We just waited and waited while they poured out and someone let them just keep coming.

My windshield and back window got all filled up with snow and the wipers weren't working cuz they were so iced up. Luckily I wasn't ever moving, so I got out of my car and cleared them off about 6 times. That was fun.

Finally at 3:15 I crossed into Lexington, and made it home shortly before 4pm. That was a nice commute. #$%*

And as if the commute wasn't so much fun. My fucking building hasn't been plowed. AT ALL. The steep driveway had about 7 inches of snow on it. When I attempted to make it up the hill - I slid back into the street. Finally I burned all the rubber off my tires and pulled into the very bottom of the driveway next to a dumpster. Which is the worst spot in the lot. Now I wonder if I will ever get my car out of the spot. UGH

It's *only* December..... This is going to be a looooong winter.

Now I just heard on the news 128 South. CLOSED because of multiple jack knifed trailers. What a mess!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pats Rule!

YEY! That was a much easier game to watch today!!!! Go Pats!! Tom Brady threw 4 TDs - these are the kinds of games I expect to see from the Pats. Stopping Pittsburgh on the 1 yard line was amazing. That's the defense I expect to see!! 13-0 baby!!!!!!

In the press conference with Belichick after the game someone said something like "wow Moss caught almost all his passes for 1st downs, what do you think about that?" He replies with "yea he's been doing that all year." I love the responses. Ha.

Luckily in one of my leagues I had the bye week since I'm in first place, so Pats you need to do great again next week!! :)

OH and Randy Moss was named AFC Offensive Player of the Month for November - Sweet! WTG!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


This is sooo funny! What an idiot!

Someone broke into a bank in Cambridge. Police followed the footprints in the snow to the perps. D'oh!

Best Starbucks ever

Recently I switched jobs and my new job was in Woburn - for 2 days - until we moved to Burlington. But during those two days I got to enjoy the nearby Starbucks - which has drive thru! I LOVED IT! Why don't more coffee places do this for commuters? And why don't any of the other Starbucks do this? I know Dunkin Donuts has one on Fresh Pond Parkway but I don't drive by there on my way to work. Needless to say it was a little sad moving after 2 days of drive thru bliss.

Not only was this convenient, the people were actually super friendly. While I was waiting in line in my car after I had placed my order a woman comes over the loud speaker to say "Sorry about the wait, I'm trying to speed everything up, but we just changed shifts so there was a slight delay." I appreciated knowing that - which made me not that annoyed to be waiting. Then I get up to the window, pay, get my coffee etc. and the cashier is so nice. She's chatty, but not in an annoying way. Maybe it was because she said she loved my purse? ;) Then as I am about to drive away she starts to take another order and recognizes the voice and says "is this so and so and do you want your regular?" and they said yes. Pretty cool. I like that kind of service. Too bad I didn't get to become a regular there.

Attention Starbucks: Burlington and Somerville need drive thru... Please! Even if it's only open during the morning commute! ha ha

Monday, December 3, 2007

Tonight's the Night....

Ok Pats...

First let's win! Let's keep the winning streak alive!!

Second get me some good points for my fantasy team! I have Brady, Moss, and the Pats D. Last week I barely won - I only had 99.75 points (luckily my opponent had less)- compared with the 142.66 I got the week before. I did get a bit whiney last week about my near loss and was called on it: Ok maybe I was a bit extreme :P

Right now I only have 32.45 points this week I definitely quite a bit more to win.

In fantasy the playoffs start next week and since I'm #1 in my league I get the bye - which is good I hope.

And shit!! Watson dropped the ball no TD only a FG... What's up with the dropped / missed balls again this week? After such great games of amazing catches - now it seems we are missing more than we catch.

I think I misspoke last week.. this is the worst game ever. I have scared my poor kitties screaming so much!

I am really just shocked how this game has gone. It is just insane. I feel like I am having a heart attack.

I just cannot believe it. Holy Shit. WOW. I need to take a vallium.

Pats still undefeated. Amazing.