Friday, December 21, 2007

It's only a little snow....

We live in New England! It's just some snow, sure it's annoying and the roads are not plowed perfectly. But they are plowed and it was a little slippery but not really that bad. Nothing that we need to drive 15 in a 40! Come on people!!!! Why Why Why??

Granted with all these snowstorms the last week the pot holes are insane, but 15!? I'm not asking people to drive 60, but maybe at least 30? Geeez...

And the traffic for the malls is just making me crazy. I am so glad I am off work until Jan 2nd!! YEY! No mall traffic for a week, well I'm sure I will hit tons of mall traffic en route to New Jersey for the holidays.

And of course, as always, rotaries just make me insane. Why don't people know the rules of the rotary? They taught us the rules in drivers ed many, many years ago. How did these people get their licenses if they can't navigate a rotary? When you are in the rotary you have the right of way! You don't stop in the middle of the rotary and wave 5 cars in!!!!!! WHO DOES THAT!?

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