Sunday, December 16, 2007

Damn! 14-0

Well on the one hand I am sooooo excited the Patiots are 14-0 - how cool is that? Second team ever to do that? WOO HOOO

I LOVE that in the post game press conference some reporter asked Brady if he wanted a jacket and Brady said "yea no shit" on live tv! Fantastic! I was suprised they didn't bleep that out. Pretty funny. Now Moss is talking. He's a good speaker for a football player after a game. But what's up with the shirt he's wearing? It looks like a janitor shirt! (with 4 carat diamon earrings?) LOL

OK... so he just confirmed it.. It really IS a janitors shirt!

On the other hand I am so upset about this weather.. My fantasy team was playing in the playoffs. Last week I had the bye - which was cool but we did so well on points and it didn't matter! Now this week when it matter and I am ranked #1 in the league playing the 5th seed - the pats score me NO points (well except the defense YEY!) but WTF this sucks. There are still a few games to play today for my other fantasy players, but I don't think it will be enough to pull off the win.

Taken out by the 5the 5th seed player :(

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