Friday, December 14, 2007

Ah the joys of parking in Somerville...

After such a lovely commute home yesterday I get home to find that my building hasn't been plowed. AT ALL. ahhh the joy!

I attempted to drive up the driveway which may be a 90 degree angle. I slid back into the street, narrowly missing pedestrians. Finally I gave up and parked next to the dumpster - the only spot my piece of shit car could pull into. Perhaps it's time to upgrade to 4WD?

Relieved to finally be home after an over 3 hour commute I didn't think about how my car/spot would look like in the morning. I went into the building and called the management company to send out a plow. It's been snowing for 5 hours already, why hadn't anyone come by yet?

This morning I wake up and it's as if I have been plowed in on not one side, but all four!!!! how is this even possible? After an hour long struggle I managed to shovel myself out and get out of my spot and get to work.

Now I can only imagine what the state of the parking lot will be like when I get home from work. They never properly de-ice the lot at my building so I'm sure most of the cars won't be able to make it back into the lot tonight to park so we'll be fighting for spots out on the street, or the 2 open spots in the lot. Which means I need to leave work early if I even stand a chance of getting one of them. UGH

Why can't the building people come over and plow out the cars and help clean up the lot so we can actually get in and out? I mean we pay enough in rent! Shit that's the least they can do! Often our sidewalk isn't shoveled very well either. I'm surprised the building doesn't get fined.

At my previous building that I lived in Brighton the super would snow blow out each of our spots it was fantastic!!! Why can't this place have the guy snowblow us out? The lot is always a mess and since there are so many huge snow piles and people can't fucking drive or park right the spots are reduced from 36 to about 15.

Ah the joys of winter in Boston and parking in Somerville.....

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