Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I can't believe it, but somehow I actually pulled off the win this week in fantasy football even though my quaterback only got me 3.75 points!! YEY! I was convinced the 5th place player was going to take me out, but somehow I managed to get about 15 more points that him. Usually Brady and Moss get me the points each week. But this week it was the Pats defense who came up big - 21 points big. And my other players did pretty well too Brandon Marshall, Jamal Lewis, Aaron Stecker, Jason Witten, Reggie Williams, and Adam Vinatieri. So now I am in the final round competing against the #2 person in the league. Pats have to come up big against Miami this week! Go Pats!

Squish the Fish (remember that from 86?) ha ha

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