Thursday, December 13, 2007

How long does it take to drive 10 miles?

Well if it's in a snowstorm in *&&%#@ Boston over 3 hours!!!!!! WTF! I wanted to kill someone.

I work in Burlington and I live in Somerville. My house is 10 miles away from my work. On a normal day it's about a 25-30 minute commute. Bad days take me 45 minutes and I'm really annoyed. Really bad days take an hour and I am about ready to flip out.

And then there was today... the commute that tops them all.

It started to snow. I waited until it accumulated a little *big big big mistake* - because when I got on the road so did the rest of Massachusetts. Seriously I think the entire state got on the road at the same freaking time. I got on the road at 12:45, I didn't leave the town of Burlington until 3:15!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG! What is everyone doing? The snow had just started. The roads weren't even THAT bad yet. They got worse the more we sat there, and sat there, and sat there.... How did all the roads build up so fast?

I wanted to cry. I had no where I could go. I couldn't turn around and go back to work - that would have been another 2 hours to get back.

No one could get through the lights because people were blocking the lights trying to make it through. So we sat through one cycle after another.. waiting and waiting. Then of course the person in the front of the lane wouldn't go around the blocking cars until they were cleared. UGH All the offices had cars piling out of each driveway which made it worse for us in the back. We just waited and waited while they poured out and someone let them just keep coming.

My windshield and back window got all filled up with snow and the wipers weren't working cuz they were so iced up. Luckily I wasn't ever moving, so I got out of my car and cleared them off about 6 times. That was fun.

Finally at 3:15 I crossed into Lexington, and made it home shortly before 4pm. That was a nice commute. #$%*

And as if the commute wasn't so much fun. My fucking building hasn't been plowed. AT ALL. The steep driveway had about 7 inches of snow on it. When I attempted to make it up the hill - I slid back into the street. Finally I burned all the rubber off my tires and pulled into the very bottom of the driveway next to a dumpster. Which is the worst spot in the lot. Now I wonder if I will ever get my car out of the spot. UGH

It's *only* December..... This is going to be a looooong winter.

Now I just heard on the news 128 South. CLOSED because of multiple jack knifed trailers. What a mess!

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