Monday, December 3, 2007

Tonight's the Night....

Ok Pats...

First let's win! Let's keep the winning streak alive!!

Second get me some good points for my fantasy team! I have Brady, Moss, and the Pats D. Last week I barely won - I only had 99.75 points (luckily my opponent had less)- compared with the 142.66 I got the week before. I did get a bit whiney last week about my near loss and was called on it: Ok maybe I was a bit extreme :P

Right now I only have 32.45 points this week I definitely quite a bit more to win.

In fantasy the playoffs start next week and since I'm #1 in my league I get the bye - which is good I hope.

And shit!! Watson dropped the ball no TD only a FG... What's up with the dropped / missed balls again this week? After such great games of amazing catches - now it seems we are missing more than we catch.

I think I misspoke last week.. this is the worst game ever. I have scared my poor kitties screaming so much!

I am really just shocked how this game has gone. It is just insane. I feel like I am having a heart attack.

I just cannot believe it. Holy Shit. WOW. I need to take a vallium.

Pats still undefeated. Amazing.

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