Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Best Starbucks ever

Recently I switched jobs and my new job was in Woburn - for 2 days - until we moved to Burlington. But during those two days I got to enjoy the nearby Starbucks - which has drive thru! I LOVED IT! Why don't more coffee places do this for commuters? And why don't any of the other Starbucks do this? I know Dunkin Donuts has one on Fresh Pond Parkway but I don't drive by there on my way to work. Needless to say it was a little sad moving after 2 days of drive thru bliss.

Not only was this convenient, the people were actually super friendly. While I was waiting in line in my car after I had placed my order a woman comes over the loud speaker to say "Sorry about the wait, I'm trying to speed everything up, but we just changed shifts so there was a slight delay." I appreciated knowing that - which made me not that annoyed to be waiting. Then I get up to the window, pay, get my coffee etc. and the cashier is so nice. She's chatty, but not in an annoying way. Maybe it was because she said she loved my purse? ;) Then as I am about to drive away she starts to take another order and recognizes the voice and says "is this so and so and do you want your regular?" and they said yes. Pretty cool. I like that kind of service. Too bad I didn't get to become a regular there.

Attention Starbucks: Burlington and Somerville need drive thru... Please! Even if it's only open during the morning commute! ha ha

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02145 said...

It's amazing how far a little courtesy will go.