Sunday, December 16, 2007

Looking forward to Spring...

It isn't even winter yet, and I am already looking forward to spring. This weather sucks. Somerville hasn't even plowed my road! I haven't heard a plow all night long, where are they?? I thought they were supposed to be better after the last storm? I know there are less cars on the road today, so where the hell are the plows? The only vehicle I have heard is the firetruck leaving the station across the street from my house.

Since I'm stuck in my house I started checking out the new spring shoe collections. I mean what else is there to do until 1pm when the Pats start playing?

And I am seriously concerned about the game with this weather - mainly because I am in the playoffs in my Fantasy Football league. I had the bye last week - which was cool, but the Pats did awesome. Now in this weather... who knows I'm worried. I may lose in the playoffs. I have been #1 in the league with wins and points and now I could loose because of a stupid storm!!! ARGH!!! I have Brady, Moss, Pats defense, and I play Gaffney today too! I could be screwed. I know the Pats play well in bad weather, but this is *really* bad weather.

Ok back to shoes I can't stress about that any more until 1pm. Then I will really start stressing...

so one of Prada's new spring wedges is super cute. They have it in Black and Silver. I think I want the Silver one. The black one is cute too, but I have a lot of black shoes. I need to pre-order it Bergdorf's and Neiman's have it. Ohh and I have a $50 Neiman's gift card.. Sweet!

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