Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Power Shifting

I've heard of people doing this when they drive, but I never much cared about it - seemed like something guys that really like racing or whatever do. I have always driven a standard (I prefer it), but I have never tried the whole power shift thing. Which is to say you get the car in the exact right acceleration or deceleration to shift gears without the use of the clutch.

Yesterday I accidentally did it! And I have to say it was pretty cool. I was decelerating to go over a bump, and was holding the shifter, but hadn't yet put in the clutch to change gears (and wasn't really planning on down shifting either). I hit the bump which made my hand bump the shifter and down shift correctly into the lower gear sans clutch. It was pretty cool. It effortlessly went into gear (you know no screeching noise you would normally hearing when trying to shift without the clutch) and I kept right on driving. Now I may need to attempt this again. It could get ugly.

But wait, there's more!

If you thought 4 months wasn't long enough for a going out of business sale for Alpha Omega - you're in luck!

Last week when driving by the Burlington Mall the signs announced everything 40-60% off store closing forever on Sunday, April 27th.

Today I drive by and there's a new sign" 'No reasonable offer refused. Alpha Omega store closing forever on Sunday, May 4th. UM what happened to April 27th?

Perhaps no one bought much in the 4 month liquidation sale because $2000 for a watch still wasn't really a 'bargain' for most folks. And really after a 4 month sale people expected a better sale price than 40% off!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Free People

has some great summer shirts - at great prices. AND they just opened a store in the Burlington Mall (which may make me think this mall sucks a little less now).

Love the colors in this double striped halter:

Super Cute

I love this shirt for summer - it's super cute and really affordable ($58)!

Free People 100% Cotton Ruched Top.

Close up on the details:

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another WTF Outfit

From the Barney's catalog. What's with these shorts? And I don't really care for the blue jacket either.

Who the hell

Would wear these outfits? I meant to blog about this catalog earlier but I never got around to it until now. Normally I love Barney's - and I do like that they often have eclectic stuff. I think in general they are pretty forward thinking in their fashions. But honestly. What man on earth (besides the models in the photo getting paid) would wear these outfits? I mean the suit coat is fine I guess, but suit "shorts" WTF??? and those mandals with it.

Click on the photos for a larger view:

From the Balcony??

Thanks, but really, no thanks.

NFL Network has some balcony cam where a bunch of bozos get up and ramble almost incoherent statements about how amazing their team's picks were. Oh My.

It's like the confessional camera after contestants try out for American Idol or something. And even when the guys did speak clearly it was like who cares that you are happy the Chief's first two picks were to your standards? Really? That was the BIG thing you probably waited in line to say on TV? 'I was happy about the pick' Wow that was profound!

I mean if these guys had something interesting to say - sure, but they don't. I am now stupider because of it. I think I need to stop watching the Draft - day two is definitely not as good as day one.

How long does it take?

To have a going out of business sale?

I feel like Alpha Omega n Burlington has been having their "FINAL DAYS" of their going out of business sale for like 4 months!? They announced their bankruptcy back in early January / late December. I was in the mall last week (I work right nearby) and I decided to check out the selection. Most of the stuff was only 40% off whoop-de-doo and everything I saw was still over $1,000 - doesn't seem like amazing savings to me - especially after a 4 month liquidation sale.

Apparently today is the last day FINALLY - I'm sick of seeing the people standing on the roads near the mall with those Final Days signs 40-60% off!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

We got...

Patriots select 10th pick Jerod Mayo linebacker from Tennessee.

announcers managed to get in a comment about McKelvin - calling him McLovin' gag....


Trade away their first pick to the Saints... they did this last year too.. wonder who they are trying to get? And BTW what's up with the sound quality - the mics cut out frequently on the announcers and it was just all echoes when they were talking.

NFL Draft

Just started about 5 minutes ago.. I hope the Pats get some good players. Miami just drafted Jake Long - or 'officially' drafted him. Wow is he tall!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Two-Toned Bags

First Prada comes out with the two-toned shoes and handbags like a year ago? I don't know the exact time frame, but it's been at least a year.

Anyway the look is kind of cool.. but now everyone is copying it.

Prada Bags:

Lamb knockoff style:

Maxx knockoff style:

UM can we say rip off?

'Cuz that what this appears to be. The other day I blogged about Prada's Bamboo/cork sandal. Today I get a catalog in the mail from Nordstrom and Enzo Angiolini has basically the same shoe!! Ok fine the top part is different, but the whole wedge is the same (bamboo / cork part). I have never seen a shoe with the bamboo part like that, and now I've seen 2 in the last week?! Plus everyone has been copying Prada's two-toned shoes/handbags lately - that annoys me.

Enzo's version:

Prada's version:

I hate being sick

especially when it's amazing outside! It's so annoying, My throat has been killing me for two days now - it better not ruin my weekend. I have plans!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Somerville Open Studios

Over 300 artists in over 100 venues will open their homes and studios for the Tenth Annual Somerville Open Studios Event on Saturday, May 3 and Sunday, May 4 2008 from noon to 6 pm. Hopefully I will get to check it out (I already have some stuff going on that weekend).

Website for more info, artist list, and maps.

Big Brother is Watching...

Especially when you buy cold or allergy medicine.

I mean seriously. I'm a snotty mess (exaggerating) but I clearly have a cold - hence I'm buying cold medicine. I'm really not going to go make meth or something - I just want some cold relief.

But for the last few years (at least 2) they have all the cold /allergy stuff behind the counter and you have to ask for it. Then they have to ask for ID and scan my license and I got 'cleared' to buy the medicine. Then on my receipt it tracks how much I bought today - there's a limit on how much pseudoephedrine a person can buy a day. I haven't hit my limit yet - woo hoo.

I really love

the Vampire Weekend cd. I think I had them listed in my top albums of 2007, but the more I listen the more I like it. I know it was a little hyped, but I think they managed to live up to it.

Other albums I've been recently digging (if you really care to know):
Bob Mould - District Line
Bell X1 - Flock
Sia - Some people have real problems
Ben Lee - Ripe
Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
The Epochs - (self titled)
Caribou - Andorra
Everyday Visuals - Things Will Look Up

this is the last thing

I should be doing right now. I should be working on a spec, but I'm distracted.

It's the nicest day of the year so far and I woke up with a sore throat. UGH allergies maybe?

And while I'm rambling about nothing I should say that every day when I drive to work I have to re-learn the clutch on my car. Well not re-learn how to drive a standard, I've been doing that for years, but learn where exactly my clutch catches. Why? Because every day I wear a different pair of shoes. Some are flats, some wedges, some platforms, some just normal heels and everything in between. This means the distance between my foot and the pedal is different every day. Yesterday I had flats, today I have platform sandals - so it felt weird when I first got in the car and had to adjust to the different shoes. Maybe I should just have a pair of driving shoes that I leave in my car so I know the exact distance between my foot and the pedal all the time? LOL

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Too Many Margaritas?

Maybe someone had too many margaritas at the Border Cafe in Burlington today? I hope not...

I don't really know what happened, but when I was driving home from work today around 6pm the light on the Middlesex Turnpike was all backed up because a firetruck, several police cars, and two tow trucks were blocking the right lane and the road to the right going in/out of the Border. There were no ambulances by the time I got there, but I didn't see any people other than police/fire - so my guess was the occupants of the vehicles were already taken away. Both cars were getting hooked up to tow trucks and being taken away as I finally got to pass the whole mess..

Anyone know what happened?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Pushy Salespeople

I cannot stand pushy salespeople. Back off! I may or may not buy something - you stalking me in the aisles is definitely NOT going to make me want to buy from you! Flattery isn't going to get you anywhere either. I like what I like and you aren't going to talk me into it. period. I don't care what you say - if I don't like it. I don't like it. End of story.

And UNLESS I ASK for help, I don't need you to point out clothes for me. If I ask for help that's one thing, but unsolicited 'have you seen these pants by blah blah blah', or 'have you seen all the other great colors of that shirt' I don't appreciate. and FYI chances are if I am HOLDING one of the colors of the shirt - I've probably fucking seen the other ones thanks! Where the hell do you think I picked up the one I'm carrying?

So as you can see I'm annoyed about shopping. Yesterday I went to the new Nordstrom in the Burlington Mall and several of the sales people were insanely pushy. I have not had this kind of a situation at the store in Natick - so I was kind of surprised.

I walk in and I'm looking a purse - the sales woman is right up there like I love that one, or this one, or blah blah. It's really a great price you can't beat it. I'm like ok relax, just looking... My friend and I determined they must work on commission.

So I was looking for some clothes for my bf for his birthday. I go over to the men's dept and I pick up a few things and I'm looking at some pants. A guy comes over and asks if he can hold them at the register for me. Sure. That's nice, I like not having to carry it all around with me. Then he tells me his name (which I now forget) and says let me know if you have any questions. Perfect thanks. All was going well.

Next thing I know this other lady comes out of nowhere all up in my grill. She's like oh these are nice, did you see these other pants by blah blah blah, and stalked me through out the entire men's dept! I did my best - I'm all set, if I have any questions I will let you know. Besides I was already kind of dealing with the guy that was holding my stuff and he had already been helpful with some questions I had. She would NOT go away. It was really annoying. It fact the more I think about it I think it could negatively impact Nordstrom if salespeople act like that. It made me want to go back to the Natick one, rather than go to Burlington. I mean the Natick one has a much better shoe dept. already and the salespeople there seem much less pushy. Anyway, she continued to stalk us and offer unsolicited advice as I said things like I'm all set or just ignored her.

Finally I've figured out what I want to get for bf and go back up to the counter where the guy is and pick up the other clothes I already put on his counter to look at everything and check out. He's about to ring me in - when that freaking lady comes back over and basically tries to push him aside and says 'oh she's all set I'm handling this customer'. UM no don't fucking think so lady. In case you don't remember you didn't help me with anything and just stalked me for a half hour offering random advice I ignored... He's like 'no actually I was helping her, and I've been holding these clothes at the register for her'. She was like oh I see all annoyed and walked away. Couldn't she see/hear that he picked up clothes on the register and handed them back to me and asked if I wanted everything I had held up there? Did she think I randomly was buying stuff left on the register from someone else? I thought that was so scummy to try to steal this guy's commission (if they do in fact work on commission).

I mean maybe she's hard up for commission, but perhaps not stalking people while they are shopping would be beneficial to her - maybe people would be inclined to buy from her if they didn't feel harassed. It felt like when you are on vacation walking by those cheap t-shirt shops and the help totally and constantly harass you - like oh you totally need this shitty $5 t-shirt - it's a must with your wardrobe and the price is right. YA all set. Thanks. I don't think I need an ugly beach scene on a t-shirt with the location of where I am airbrushed on it - really I don't. And tye-die fringe - really I'm all set with that too. Thanks, but no thanks. I get annoyed when that kind of thing happens, but I kind of expect it in a cheap t-shirt shop on a beach. I DON'T expect that when I'm buying $200 pants at Nordstrom's!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

On the Fence

I can't really tell about these Prada Bamboo Wedge Sandals @ Barney's. Part of me doesn't like that the pattern on the Bamboo changes - I want a solid pattern - either one is fine. But maybe up close it looks better than what I'm getting from the photo. It looks like the bottom part is cork (which I love in shoes), but the description doesn't mention it at all. These are going to require further inspection at Barney's....

UM No Thanks

I love the ballet flat - super cute and looks great with skinny pants, capris, or skirts. I like the standard black, or even the cute metallic colors, but these Dolce & Gabbana Round Toe Flats take them too far - it's not really the color - it's the strange basket-weave pattern. Maybe they look much cuter actually on someone's foot.. or not... hard to tell. But from the photo, I'm not digging it.

Cute Patchwork Sandals

Loving these new Dolce and Gabbana Patchwork Sandals. Little bit on the pricey side ($895), but hey if you have that kind of money to spend... why not? They're pretty cute. Out of my price range for now.

Why Would One...

Wear sunglasses in a dark bar. At Night? I don't know, but that's exactly what happened at a bar I was at last night.

It's already really dark in there, why the need for the shades? To look cool? Clearly you can't see anymore, because that added with the already low light means total darkness! And to me, that's just trying to hard. Let it go. It's ok you aren't that cool. In fact, the whole sunglasses at night thing actually makes you LESS cool. Plus the sun's deadly rays cannot get to you right now so I think the protection to the eye at this point is slim to none. mostly none.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Crazy Toe :(

Along with great weather comes great footwear! But I have a stupid, unsightly crazy toe which makes wearing cute shoes extremely difficult, if not impossible. No summer footwear covers the stupid thing, and people stare at it and sometimes ask me questions about it. Growing up my friends LOVED to tease me and my crazy toe (frequently taking photos of it.. FYI: not funny! :P). And you can imagine how embarrassing it is buying $500 shoes with a crazy toe. I have to find ones that 'work with the toe'. Annoying. Embarrassing.

It's a crazy toe! Deal with it! I was born with 6 toes on my left foot, they cut one off, and now I'm left with the other that - well - isn't so cute (my left pinky toe). It kind of sticks up. It doesn't bend (no joints in it) and it's got scars from my surgery to remove the extra toe. I don't remember any of this - as I was only 11 days old when I got the surgery. My right foot is cute though...

I've frequently thought about getting surgery for the toe - because it actually is in constant pain - all shoes rub against it and cause pain (even sneakers) because it sticks up. When I was a kid the doctor wanted to do surgery to move it lower - which would allow me to wear shoes without issue and it wouldn't stick up anymore. But he wanted to do the surgery at the end of the school year, so that I would be in a cast my entire summer. I was 16!!!!!!!!! Was he INSANE? I'm not spending my 16th summer in a cast! And so I never did it. and now I kind of regret it. Don't regret enjoying the summer when I was in high school, but that maybe I didn't do the surgery in fall or spring.

So last summer I got a referral from my doctor to go to a foot surgeon to see what could be done about the stupid crazy toe. I had hoped to have surgery in the fall, so it would be all healed by the summer. The day I called to book an appointment the receptionist said the computers were down and she couldn't book anything and asked me to call back. I never did. I got busy and forgot. UGH So now I'm going to have to face another summer where my foot is in pain wearing almost any cute summer shoe, and the stupid toe is exposed and people stare at it and ask me what's wrong with my toe. Stupid toe.

The great weather continues

I hope this means Spring is really here! It's fantastic out. Not that I'm out there enjoying it. I'm at work, taking a break from writing a functional specification for a UI (exciting stuff eh?)

Anyway... all this nice weather had me craving my favorite summertime treat: a lobster roll. Where do go for that when one works in Burlington? Well I went to D'Angelo's (ok fine maybe getting lobster there is a little ghetto), but I had to have one! Don't judge! :P And I have to admit it was pretty tasty. Yey for lobster! and nice weather!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Loving the great weather

here in Boston this week! Loving it so much I went for a run when I got home from work - I'm going to go map it now, but I'm pretty sure it was a 4 mile run. My legs are going to hurt tomorrow, but it felt great out there - the weather was perfect. Normally I only run 2 miles, so for me this was a longer run today. Maybe the Boston Marathon next year? HA!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Store on my Street

Closed recently - I think over the weekend - or at least that's when I first noticed it. But what was strange is - I NEVER SAW IT OPENED. Never once!

The store was called Hip Hops and they sold clothes. But the closed sign was always up! I drove by on the weekend, during the weekdays - morning, afternoon, and night - not once in a year or two that this store was 'open' did I see it actually open. I became convinced this store was a front for some kind of criminal activity because who makes a store and never has it open? I walked by many times - no one was in there, lights out etc. Very strange. Anyone reading this ever see this store open?

Well this weekend that great run - of whatever it was - came to an end. All the windows have newspapers over the windows and it looks all boarded up.

Daily Commute

I don't know what people are thinking on the road sometimes. Apparently nothing!

I mean last time I checked the correct (and SAFE) thing to do when you came to the end of the road you were driving on is to stop (especially when there's a fucking stop sign) and look both ways before barreling onto the next road. Maybe it's just me and that kind of archaic nonsense isn't needed anymore. After all, since it's all about you, anyone else already coming down the street surely expects you to barrel into the roadway without STOPPING OR EVEN LOOKING and will slam on their brakes in anticipation of this to allow you on the roadway safely. I mean maybe the car behind me hits me because I've had to slam on my brakes and go 30-0 in half a second... But don't worry about anyone else on the road cuz it's ALL ABOUT YOU BUDDY!

Today while driving to work I was going 30 mph down a street in Somerville (which was the speed limit on that street). And next thing you know a car comes down a side street at maybe 20 mph or so, and just takes a right onto the road right in front of me. Didn't stop at all. Didn't even slow down. Didn't fucking look at all. When I had to slam on my brakes (while beeping! WTF) and the folks behind me had to as well to not slam into this asshole - this driver just kept on driving oblivious to the fact they are SO lucky I missed hitting them by about an inch. It REALLY was that close! Who the hell does this? I can't even imagine coming to the end of a street and not slowing down, yielding (or stopping depending), or looking and just pull out onto another street and hope for the best. Sure I'm pissed someone cut me off, but I'm more angry about the lack of caution this person showed. What if I had been 1 inch closer - I would have slammed into this guy. What if someone was crossing the street?

Then as if that didn't already get me all fired up this morning... It happened AGAIN! While driving on 3A in Burlington to work - in a 40 mph zone (I was doing the speed limit) another person does the same thing - except this time the person took a left!! WTF This woman came down a street as I was approaching and she didn't stop, or it seems look either and just took the left (and VERY slowly at that). I once again had to slam on the brakes not to hit her! What's wrong with people? I had to come to a stop to let this person take a left! If I'm trying to take a right or a left onto a road I wait until it's safe to go, or someone waves me on and take it. Otherwise I wait. I don't just pull out in front of cars that are so close they may hit me!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Taxes Suck

I'm not rich enough, poor enough, or have any offspring to for taxes to work for me. I get screwed. I get penalized it seems because I'm single and don't have kids and make a middle class salary. UGH I owe a lot (to me anyways) this year. I hate tax time.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tugboat Annie

I'm at work listening to what may be my best playlist ever and it's got a whole bunch of Tugboat Annie on it. I LOVED this band (they broke up in 2001). I wish they would get back together release just one more album. Just one! I need my fix!

What a Perfect Day

The weather today in Boston is fantastic.. makes me think of the Lou Reed Song...

Oh it's such a perfect day
I'm glad I spent it with you....

too bad I'm at work. inside. on the best day so far this year. sigh...

But driving to work I had the windows open and the sunroof too - it was awesome! So glad to finally have Spring! But I heard it's going to cold and rainy all weekend. WTF? And is it me, or are the trees really late in starting to bloom? I remember as a kid they started to bloom a little at the end of March and now it still looks like the middle of winter out there.

What's my Celebrity Gossip??

The ongoing battle between Yahoo and Microsoft (and Google, and now throw in AOL for good measure too) of course! What a geek! And why aren't Yahoo stock holders getting a little fed up with the fiasco? Great gossip reading for me. Bad for investors.

I find it far more interesting to read coverage of the 'earth scorching' Yahoo is doing trying not to get bought by Microsoft - than reading about if Paris Hilton got caught driving drunk, or why anyone should give a shit about Heidi from the Hills.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This makes me sad...

I just read on that big black dogs don't frequently get adopted. People are afraid of them. I don't understand why? How is a black lab scary at all? They are sooo sweet. The little doggie in the photo is so adorable - and looks so sad - I wish I could take her home! (My apt doesn't allow me to have dogs, only cats)

The same often happens for black kitties too. My cats are both black and I got them at a shelter - the woman [at the shelter] told me often the black pets don't get adopted either because of superstition (black car crossing your path) or fear. I just don't understand it. Naturally after hearing that I immediately adopted the two black kitties and they are the best little guys ever.

How cute are my boys?

</end crazy cat lady moment>

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why Manolo, why?

Oh my.

I love Manolo Blahnik normally. In fact the top pair of shoes (Campari) I own in the black patent leather and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

But I DON'T love them in Camouflage on these Campari Suede Mary Janes. Camo and high heel shouldn't mix!

And Camo and sparkly stuff REALLY shouldn't mix - like these Sedarby Camo-Print d'Orsay have done!!! BTW there are tons of cute prints - like snakeskin on the d'Orsay shoe already. Why Camo?? Why? Why?

Random Thought of the Day

Yeaaaah. If you are going to put a slogan across the front of your vehicle - you should probably make sure it's readable to the cars in front of you.

Like when I am in front of your vehicle and I look in my rear view mirror. I shouldn't have to translate it because it's backwards. It should appear like normal - like the Ambulance text appears in my rear view mirror. I'm guessing you put that on there so folks could read it when you're sitting behind them in traffic, right?

Today the truck behind me had a slogan on it that read:

Not that it's all that hard to figure out what it says, but still - wouldn't you want the sign to appear to the person in front of you as: Turn it On! ?? (FYI: it was for an appliance company).

Monday, April 7, 2008

This is Blasphemy

I'm watching dancing with the stars (not exactly in real time so I can FF the excessive commercials) and the first dance of the night is Kristi Yamaguchi. She is a phenomenal dancer - BUT the song is Blue Monday by New Order! That is blasphemy.

Amazing New Order songs should NOT be performed by the band on Dancing with the Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I just vomited a little in my mouth.

You are Kidding me Right?

So first of all what is up with the NKOTB reunion? They sucked the first time, why would one assume this time will be better? I'm not saying some of the guys weren't hot (they were), but their music was not. As you can probably tell from the bands/music I've blogged about I am NOT a fan of the boy band. AT ALL. How can one even compare any boy band album to -let's say- masterpieces like Loveless (My Bloody Valentine), or Grace (Jeff Buckley)?

And on top of that - why do people want to see boy bands all grown up, and aging? I don't understand. A bunch of these guys have decent acting careers. Why sabotage that? dedicated an entire slide show to the reunion last week - with homepage coverage. Guess there wasn't enough real news to report...

And while I am on 'things that are bullshit'... here's another one.

Apparently regular folks are sick of being just that. Regular. boo freaking hoo. So they are now using 'Paparazzi For Hire' a new service that people can hire to stalk them - and make them feel important and chase them down the street.

'Faux Paparazzi' is all the rage according to the Boston Herald. Are they fucking kidding me? Who has such an ego, yet low self esteem, and a large wallet to hire such services?

For a mere $499, one can be hunted down by a pack of four Your Paparazzi for Hire photographers who will be riveted on you for a full 30 minutes. Up the ante to $2,479 - the premium "Star" package - and the wannabe celeb, accompanied by a body guard, will be able to step out of a limo to be hounded for two hours by six paparazzi whose questions will be fielded by the "star’s" personal publicist.

And the random idiots on the street are just eating it up... photographing these people on the street because they *think* they are famous! Snapping pics before they even found out who the people were! Which is really kind of hilarious.

I don't know what is more idiotic. People paying to be stalked, or the people that run after them taking photos before they realize the people they are taking pics of are just regular people. Like them.

for a mere $500 - do you know what I'd do? Buy a pair of Manolo's (hey I'm single if I had kids I'd probably spend it on them)! And really I don't even want to go there - who has $2,500 they can't find a better use for? Not waste it so I can feel important for 30 minutes!!

If I want that I can just call my mom for FREE and tell her I had a bad day. :)

Record Store Day

Hey this is pretty cool.

On Saturday, April 19, 2008, hundreds of independently owned music stores across the country will celebrate "Record Store Day."

What's that you ask?

On that day, stores from across the country will simultaneously link and act as one with the purpose of celebrating the culture and unique place that they occupy both in their local communities and nationally.

Newbury Comics is participating in it - and so is my other favorite indie store: Amoeba Records.

I dig it.

Although who ever did the website.. Come on! The navigation to see all the participating stores is awful - it has to be one of the worst cases of usability I've ever seen. Show some paging - tell users page [#] of [#] some kind of clue. Highlight the letters I'm currently viewing. Show me something. And if you happen to click on one of the letters in the current view - but below the fold, nothing happens! So that said it was sooo difficult to navigate the pages to find out which other local Massachusetts stores are participating I gave up. Anyhow.... I am all about supporting independent record stores and I like the idea. there will also be some live shows at some of the stores, but none are listed so far for Boston.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Isn't the Customer Always Right?

So today I needed to get some bottled water and I figured maybe I should actually get dressed and leave my house once today. I ended up going to Target for it. Well and I also wanted to check out the Jovovitch-Hawk line for Target.

The clothing line was ok. A little too frilly for me, and there was a mighty small collection too. Only 2 small racks. Oh well.

Anyway I get the bottled water and to to the 10 items or less line (only 2 people in front of me great). Mistake #1.

I get behind a woman that has exactly 10 items. EACH ONE with a freaking coupon! Mistake #2 (should have noticed all the coupons in her hand). It took FOREVER to ring her in.

Then the guy after her 4 items. 2 cds, some advil, and a bath loofa thingy. I thought the bath sponge thing was odd, but whatever. The chick tries to ring in his order and one of his cds won't ring in - because apparently some bozo put it out on the shelves early (isn't there a warning on the box or something if they aren't allowed to put it out?). I guess it's not really released until Tuesday. So she refused to sell it to him because the 'register wouldn't let her'.

Um couldn't you just type in $14 taxable and be done with it? WTF. It's on the shelf, and I think if the customer can get it and put it in their shopping basket off a shelf they should be able to freaking buy the thing! She gets the manager over and he reiterates the whole thing and says sorry they shouldn't have put this out on the shelf - you can't have it till Tuesday. If I were that guy I would have made a bigger stink about it. They put it on the shelf!! That's their problem! How can they really deny his right to buy the damn thing? Bad customer service in my opinion.

Oh yea and the cd was something like dance party mix 2008. Doubt there is a HUGE wait list for that one.

My Bloody Valentine

After watching Dig! I got to thinking about other bands from the late 80s early 90s I hadn't listened to in a while and I started listening to The Stone Roses and My Bloody Valentine.

Great stuff.

Bf asked (when listening to Loveless - only one of the top albums of all time) if I was 'actually listening to music or just noise'? WHAT!? Is he kidding me!? Clearly he is not feeling the emotion of the songs. He is missing out. The entire Loveless album is one to be played track 1-11 all the way through. Maybe you could play Only Shallow and When you Sleep on their own, but it's best to listen to each song in order. The songs have a fantastic dreamlike quality to them that I can't say any other band has created so successfully.

I decided to look them up and see what, if anything, was happening with them. They haven't released anything since loveless and broke up soon after. But I just read they are back together and touring Europe and there is talk of another album coming out soon. What I read said end of '07, but that hasn't happened yet so who knows if they will really release it. I hope they do, but it's going to be hard to follow up such a fantastic album like Loveless.

tour schedule - come to the US!


I almost had this in my previous post then realized it was just getting far too long. I'm chatty... can you tell???

We went to go see Atonement @ the Capitol Theater in Arlington last night. An absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking film of love, loss, and redemption (sort of).

It was not the film I expected. I thought a young couple in love was just separated by war and then reunited. I wasn't sure who needed atonement.

The story is of a little sister (Briony) that is in love with a man (Robbie). He was in love with her older sister (Cecilia). She witnesses some interactions between the two and is torn between jealousy and bitterness that it's not her, and not really understanding the situation at her young age. She then decides to wrongfully accuse him of a crime when she KNOWS it wasn't him that committed it. He gets taken away to jail and disgraced in front of their family and friends. This lie changes the path of all three of their lives forever.

Five years later we catch up with Robbie who has now gotten out of prison by entering the war (WWII). Cecilia has disowned her family for their wrongdoing and is living in London and working as a Nurse. They meet up at a restaurant before he ships off to war where she begs him to come back to her and hands him a photo of a house they will stay at for a vacation when he gets back. This hope keeps him and Cecilia going throughout their separation during the war.

Time lines bounce around in this movie - for example: we see Robbie in France somewhere, then find out what happened 6 months earlier before he went to war. Each account is from a different perspective: Robbie's, Cecilia's, or Briony's. The cinematography is beautiful and the movie doesn't quite give you the Hollywood ending I expected. I won't spoil the ending - it's worth watching this emotional film on your own. Even if it's just to admire how hot James McAvoy is :)

Fantastic Film: Dig!

Yesterday I watched two fantastic movies and I don't think they could have been any more different.

First movie: a co-worker had lent me the dvd Dig! - which is a 2004 documentary of the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre - following them over a 7 year period during the 90s. It chronicles how the Dandies get signed to a major label, have huge success in Europe and mild success in the US (though to me I thought they were 'huge' in my circle of friends). Conversely, it also chronicles how BJM basically implodes on itself and never gets signed to a major label mostly because of Anton's erratic behavior, inability to compromise, and drug abuse. Which is heartbreaking because he truly is an amazing artist.

I've always like the Dandy Warhols (started listening in '96 or '97 - first album I bought from them was 'Dandy Warhols Come Down'), but I hadn't heard of the BJM - although watching the movie I realized I had actually heard some of their songs before. What a fantastic film.

And WOW BJM was a messed up band - although Anton Newcombe is just so amazingly talented. It's a bit sad they never had more commercial success. I checked the website and he's selling all the previous albums for $10 a piece. I think I may have to pick up a few.

I felt that Courtney Taylor-Taylor was a bit full of himself and clearly he is jealous (and in awe) of how creative Anton was/is. On the other hand Anton was so obsessed with making a statement and not bowing to the music industry that it seemed like he sabotaged his own potential success by doing insane things when he KNEW record execs were watching. Yet he was always jealous of the commercial success of Courtney and the Dandy Warhols. Success he probably could have achieved had he behaved just once during a live show.

I find it amazing the amount of drug these people did and still manage to function at all, nevermind write songs and perform them on a regular basis. I assumed I was going to find out some of the folks from BJM had OD'd but they were all still alive during the interviews in 2004 after the release of the film. Namely Joel Gion - super likable, but I was convinced that guy must have not made it because he seemed really high all the time (watching the film I kept expecting him to fall over on stage and pass out, but it never happened) - now he's working at my favorite west coast record store: Amoeba Records on Haight St. and in the band The Dilettantes.

Anyway - I loved this movie and the music. I felt like I really got to know the people in the bands. And WOW never realized before how HOT Peter Holmström from the Dandies is! I watched almost all the additional footage (deleted scenes, interviews after the screening of the film, videos etc) on a 2nd dvd. Great stuff!

Second movie: (and now I'm regretting putting both of these films in one post as it's getting rather lengthly). Ok I need to just make a new post for this...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Dunkin' Donuts, Fashion, and the Doctor's

What do all those three totally random things have to do with each other?

This morning before work I had a doctor's appointment to get a shot - an immunization shot. My doctor likes to make sure I'm up to date on all my vaccinations. I figure it can't hurt and might as well try to stay as healthy as possible. Although my bp was 100/80 which is much higher than I normally am - usually I'm 100/60. Not sure if 80 is bad? The woman that took my blood pressure seemed unconcerned.

While she is taking my bp, and then administering the shot she says 'you have a really cute shirt on, where did you get it?' I tell her Bloomingdale's, and she's like 'WOW that must have been really expensive.' I don't really know how to respond to this. It's all relative. What's expensive to me could be REALLY expensive to some people, perhaps obscene, yet to others would seem cheap. So I don't know what the scale is on that. It's not like it's a shirt branded with logos, I like to wear things that are understated - well not all the time - I like sparkles or metallics - but not big logos on shirts or handbags. So it's not like it *looks* expensive (or at least I don't think it does) - it just looks like a nice shirt. Then she says 'that must have cost about $70' and I say yes something like that. I honestly can't remember how much I paid for the shirt, although $70 seems about right - it's not a new shirt I've had it for about a year. She then is like 'wow I buy shirts that are $12'.

Now I just feel bad. I don't want people to feel bad about what they can afford. I don't have kids. I don't own a house - I choose to buy nice clothes and shoes. I don't care what others wear or want to make them feel bad about it. I then say they have good sales sometimes (which they do), and she's like 'Yes! Neiman's does too, I used to love to go look through Neiman's for the sales before I had kids.' I agreed - I've gotten some great bargains at their sales - like $300 pants for $50 (I was very happy about that find).

At this point I'm all set, got the shot and I'm getting ready to leave. I'm putting on my jacket and grabbing my purse and she's like 'WOW nice purse I love that, is it Cole Haan?' No I say it's Car Shoe she's like looks like it was expensive was it $500 - I said a little more actually. How can I honestly answer this and not feel bad? I don't want to brag about how much I spend on clothes or my handbags (perhaps foolishly because I don't yet own a home, but whatever). She then says 'well it's a beautiful bag, it looks very nice. I want to buy the new Cole Haan bag - have you seen it yet?' I admitted I hadn't but from her description it sounded nice. We said our goodbyes and I left.

Anyway, I felt bad about it. I don't want people to feel bad they have less than me, but I'm not going to change where I shop because of it either. Goodwill must love me I donate lots of clothes, shoes, etc. every year. It just felt weird to discuss how much I spent on something with a stranger.

Then I stop at the Dunkin' Donuts which is right near the doctor's office on my way to work. I prefer Starbucks but this was close. This kid asks me what I want. I tell him a medium french vanilla iced coffee with splenda. He goes off to make it. Meanwhile I am holding out my DD gift card my mom gave me for Christmas to pay for it. He hands me the coffee and just says 'you're all set' Um what? I still stand there holding out the card and he doesn't take it. Instead he takes the order of the next person in line. I don't know what to do and she's now annoyed I'm not getting out of the way of the register. I waited another minute but he was all done with me and was onto the next person. So I just left. Thanks Dunks for the free coffee?

Odd morning.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

what happen on route 16?

This morning while driving to work I got to route 16 (where it's either Somerville, Arlington, or Medford I'm not sure which) and the road was totally packed (perhaps closed) up almost to the Powderhouse rotary where it meets 16. No one was moving it seems like for a loooong time.

I sat and waited for a while then decided to turn around and go back up 16 and take Broadway in Arlington to 3A instead. Before turning around - I watched an SUV turn around but then never bothered looked behind themselves to back up and slammed into another car that had also turned around and was beeping to the SUV to stop. Ooooops. Who backs up and assumes no one is behind them so no need to look???

When I turned around I could see that there were some cop lights up ahead so something was going on. Anyone know?

Then I ended up behind a woman driving with a banana clip in her hair. REALLY? A banana clip? FYI: those haven't been in style since '85 and really should have NEVER been in style in the first place. Having a big plastic thing in your hair that covers the front of your hair to the back is not very attractive.