Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Crazy Toe :(

Along with great weather comes great footwear! But I have a stupid, unsightly crazy toe which makes wearing cute shoes extremely difficult, if not impossible. No summer footwear covers the stupid thing, and people stare at it and sometimes ask me questions about it. Growing up my friends LOVED to tease me and my crazy toe (frequently taking photos of it.. FYI: not funny! :P). And you can imagine how embarrassing it is buying $500 shoes with a crazy toe. I have to find ones that 'work with the toe'. Annoying. Embarrassing.

It's a crazy toe! Deal with it! I was born with 6 toes on my left foot, they cut one off, and now I'm left with the other that - well - isn't so cute (my left pinky toe). It kind of sticks up. It doesn't bend (no joints in it) and it's got scars from my surgery to remove the extra toe. I don't remember any of this - as I was only 11 days old when I got the surgery. My right foot is cute though...

I've frequently thought about getting surgery for the toe - because it actually is in constant pain - all shoes rub against it and cause pain (even sneakers) because it sticks up. When I was a kid the doctor wanted to do surgery to move it lower - which would allow me to wear shoes without issue and it wouldn't stick up anymore. But he wanted to do the surgery at the end of the school year, so that I would be in a cast my entire summer. I was 16!!!!!!!!! Was he INSANE? I'm not spending my 16th summer in a cast! And so I never did it. and now I kind of regret it. Don't regret enjoying the summer when I was in high school, but that maybe I didn't do the surgery in fall or spring.

So last summer I got a referral from my doctor to go to a foot surgeon to see what could be done about the stupid crazy toe. I had hoped to have surgery in the fall, so it would be all healed by the summer. The day I called to book an appointment the receptionist said the computers were down and she couldn't book anything and asked me to call back. I never did. I got busy and forgot. UGH So now I'm going to have to face another summer where my foot is in pain wearing almost any cute summer shoe, and the stupid toe is exposed and people stare at it and ask me what's wrong with my toe. Stupid toe.

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