Sunday, April 6, 2008

Isn't the Customer Always Right?

So today I needed to get some bottled water and I figured maybe I should actually get dressed and leave my house once today. I ended up going to Target for it. Well and I also wanted to check out the Jovovitch-Hawk line for Target.

The clothing line was ok. A little too frilly for me, and there was a mighty small collection too. Only 2 small racks. Oh well.

Anyway I get the bottled water and to to the 10 items or less line (only 2 people in front of me great). Mistake #1.

I get behind a woman that has exactly 10 items. EACH ONE with a freaking coupon! Mistake #2 (should have noticed all the coupons in her hand). It took FOREVER to ring her in.

Then the guy after her 4 items. 2 cds, some advil, and a bath loofa thingy. I thought the bath sponge thing was odd, but whatever. The chick tries to ring in his order and one of his cds won't ring in - because apparently some bozo put it out on the shelves early (isn't there a warning on the box or something if they aren't allowed to put it out?). I guess it's not really released until Tuesday. So she refused to sell it to him because the 'register wouldn't let her'.

Um couldn't you just type in $14 taxable and be done with it? WTF. It's on the shelf, and I think if the customer can get it and put it in their shopping basket off a shelf they should be able to freaking buy the thing! She gets the manager over and he reiterates the whole thing and says sorry they shouldn't have put this out on the shelf - you can't have it till Tuesday. If I were that guy I would have made a bigger stink about it. They put it on the shelf!! That's their problem! How can they really deny his right to buy the damn thing? Bad customer service in my opinion.

Oh yea and the cd was something like dance party mix 2008. Doubt there is a HUGE wait list for that one.

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