Monday, April 7, 2008

Record Store Day

Hey this is pretty cool.

On Saturday, April 19, 2008, hundreds of independently owned music stores across the country will celebrate "Record Store Day."

What's that you ask?

On that day, stores from across the country will simultaneously link and act as one with the purpose of celebrating the culture and unique place that they occupy both in their local communities and nationally.

Newbury Comics is participating in it - and so is my other favorite indie store: Amoeba Records.

I dig it.

Although who ever did the website.. Come on! The navigation to see all the participating stores is awful - it has to be one of the worst cases of usability I've ever seen. Show some paging - tell users page [#] of [#] some kind of clue. Highlight the letters I'm currently viewing. Show me something. And if you happen to click on one of the letters in the current view - but below the fold, nothing happens! So that said it was sooo difficult to navigate the pages to find out which other local Massachusetts stores are participating I gave up. Anyhow.... I am all about supporting independent record stores and I like the idea. there will also be some live shows at some of the stores, but none are listed so far for Boston.

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