Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Bloody Valentine

After watching Dig! I got to thinking about other bands from the late 80s early 90s I hadn't listened to in a while and I started listening to The Stone Roses and My Bloody Valentine.

Great stuff.

Bf asked (when listening to Loveless - only one of the top albums of all time) if I was 'actually listening to music or just noise'? WHAT!? Is he kidding me!? Clearly he is not feeling the emotion of the songs. He is missing out. The entire Loveless album is one to be played track 1-11 all the way through. Maybe you could play Only Shallow and When you Sleep on their own, but it's best to listen to each song in order. The songs have a fantastic dreamlike quality to them that I can't say any other band has created so successfully.

I decided to look them up and see what, if anything, was happening with them. They haven't released anything since loveless and broke up soon after. But I just read they are back together and touring Europe and there is talk of another album coming out soon. What I read said end of '07, but that hasn't happened yet so who knows if they will really release it. I hope they do, but it's going to be hard to follow up such a fantastic album like Loveless.

tour schedule - come to the US!

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