Monday, April 21, 2008

Pushy Salespeople

I cannot stand pushy salespeople. Back off! I may or may not buy something - you stalking me in the aisles is definitely NOT going to make me want to buy from you! Flattery isn't going to get you anywhere either. I like what I like and you aren't going to talk me into it. period. I don't care what you say - if I don't like it. I don't like it. End of story.

And UNLESS I ASK for help, I don't need you to point out clothes for me. If I ask for help that's one thing, but unsolicited 'have you seen these pants by blah blah blah', or 'have you seen all the other great colors of that shirt' I don't appreciate. and FYI chances are if I am HOLDING one of the colors of the shirt - I've probably fucking seen the other ones thanks! Where the hell do you think I picked up the one I'm carrying?

So as you can see I'm annoyed about shopping. Yesterday I went to the new Nordstrom in the Burlington Mall and several of the sales people were insanely pushy. I have not had this kind of a situation at the store in Natick - so I was kind of surprised.

I walk in and I'm looking a purse - the sales woman is right up there like I love that one, or this one, or blah blah. It's really a great price you can't beat it. I'm like ok relax, just looking... My friend and I determined they must work on commission.

So I was looking for some clothes for my bf for his birthday. I go over to the men's dept and I pick up a few things and I'm looking at some pants. A guy comes over and asks if he can hold them at the register for me. Sure. That's nice, I like not having to carry it all around with me. Then he tells me his name (which I now forget) and says let me know if you have any questions. Perfect thanks. All was going well.

Next thing I know this other lady comes out of nowhere all up in my grill. She's like oh these are nice, did you see these other pants by blah blah blah, and stalked me through out the entire men's dept! I did my best - I'm all set, if I have any questions I will let you know. Besides I was already kind of dealing with the guy that was holding my stuff and he had already been helpful with some questions I had. She would NOT go away. It was really annoying. It fact the more I think about it I think it could negatively impact Nordstrom if salespeople act like that. It made me want to go back to the Natick one, rather than go to Burlington. I mean the Natick one has a much better shoe dept. already and the salespeople there seem much less pushy. Anyway, she continued to stalk us and offer unsolicited advice as I said things like I'm all set or just ignored her.

Finally I've figured out what I want to get for bf and go back up to the counter where the guy is and pick up the other clothes I already put on his counter to look at everything and check out. He's about to ring me in - when that freaking lady comes back over and basically tries to push him aside and says 'oh she's all set I'm handling this customer'. UM no don't fucking think so lady. In case you don't remember you didn't help me with anything and just stalked me for a half hour offering random advice I ignored... He's like 'no actually I was helping her, and I've been holding these clothes at the register for her'. She was like oh I see all annoyed and walked away. Couldn't she see/hear that he picked up clothes on the register and handed them back to me and asked if I wanted everything I had held up there? Did she think I randomly was buying stuff left on the register from someone else? I thought that was so scummy to try to steal this guy's commission (if they do in fact work on commission).

I mean maybe she's hard up for commission, but perhaps not stalking people while they are shopping would be beneficial to her - maybe people would be inclined to buy from her if they didn't feel harassed. It felt like when you are on vacation walking by those cheap t-shirt shops and the help totally and constantly harass you - like oh you totally need this shitty $5 t-shirt - it's a must with your wardrobe and the price is right. YA all set. Thanks. I don't think I need an ugly beach scene on a t-shirt with the location of where I am airbrushed on it - really I don't. And tye-die fringe - really I'm all set with that too. Thanks, but no thanks. I get annoyed when that kind of thing happens, but I kind of expect it in a cheap t-shirt shop on a beach. I DON'T expect that when I'm buying $200 pants at Nordstrom's!


Reynolds said...

I assume you didn't say anything to her when she tried to bogart his commission. You should write to Nordstrom to complain. They may hook you up w/ some store credit or something if you're convincing enough. I'm sure they want people to like their new store so they establish customer fidelity there...

DJDiva said...

I didn't say anything, but had he not I would have because she was a dirtbag. Perhaps I do need to send a little letter to the folks at Nordstrom.

Reynolds said...

I totally would send them one. I'll even help you write it. You should see the one I sent to Denny's coporate one time. It was a classic.

DJDiva said...

NICE! You are a much more talented writer than I. In fact, I had to start getting word of the day from to keep up with your vocabulary! LOL

Kim said...

I have the same pet peeve. If I need your help, I'll ask you for it. Thank you.

I used to work in Wellesley, right in the shoppy shop part of town, and during my lunch breaks, I would browse around. I used to go into the Body Shop regularly until this very annoying new person started. "Are you shopping for a gift?" It's none of your business what I am shopping for! So, just to be a total wise ass, I would walk up to the store and stare into the shop through the window at stuff, very seriously - like I was really interested in it all. I would even go to the door and look in, knowing that I was too far away from her to try to sell to me, but close enough that she knew I was there. I think it really bothered her.

DJDiva said...

ohh that would piss me off too! Unless I came in and said I'm buying a gift for a friend, or my mom or whatever I don't want them to be asking who or why I'm buying something. I'm looking at stuff for the hell of it!