Monday, April 7, 2008

This is Blasphemy

I'm watching dancing with the stars (not exactly in real time so I can FF the excessive commercials) and the first dance of the night is Kristi Yamaguchi. She is a phenomenal dancer - BUT the song is Blue Monday by New Order! That is blasphemy.

Amazing New Order songs should NOT be performed by the band on Dancing with the Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I just vomited a little in my mouth.


jmr76 said...

You're EXACTLY right. Nor should New Order by covered by Orgy (ugh) or EVEN WORSE, Frente.

I'm still trying not to puke thinking of that last one there. [shudder]

DJDiva said...

<guilty secret> I actually liked the Frente version.</guilty secret>

jmr76 said...

Well, let's just pretend you didn't admit that there.

Enjoy these versions of Ceremony and Everything's Gone Green and you'll be forgiven.

(amazing quality for 1981)

DJDiva said...