Monday, April 7, 2008

You are Kidding me Right?

So first of all what is up with the NKOTB reunion? They sucked the first time, why would one assume this time will be better? I'm not saying some of the guys weren't hot (they were), but their music was not. As you can probably tell from the bands/music I've blogged about I am NOT a fan of the boy band. AT ALL. How can one even compare any boy band album to -let's say- masterpieces like Loveless (My Bloody Valentine), or Grace (Jeff Buckley)?

And on top of that - why do people want to see boy bands all grown up, and aging? I don't understand. A bunch of these guys have decent acting careers. Why sabotage that? dedicated an entire slide show to the reunion last week - with homepage coverage. Guess there wasn't enough real news to report...

And while I am on 'things that are bullshit'... here's another one.

Apparently regular folks are sick of being just that. Regular. boo freaking hoo. So they are now using 'Paparazzi For Hire' a new service that people can hire to stalk them - and make them feel important and chase them down the street.

'Faux Paparazzi' is all the rage according to the Boston Herald. Are they fucking kidding me? Who has such an ego, yet low self esteem, and a large wallet to hire such services?

For a mere $499, one can be hunted down by a pack of four Your Paparazzi for Hire photographers who will be riveted on you for a full 30 minutes. Up the ante to $2,479 - the premium "Star" package - and the wannabe celeb, accompanied by a body guard, will be able to step out of a limo to be hounded for two hours by six paparazzi whose questions will be fielded by the "star’s" personal publicist.

And the random idiots on the street are just eating it up... photographing these people on the street because they *think* they are famous! Snapping pics before they even found out who the people were! Which is really kind of hilarious.

I don't know what is more idiotic. People paying to be stalked, or the people that run after them taking photos before they realize the people they are taking pics of are just regular people. Like them.

for a mere $500 - do you know what I'd do? Buy a pair of Manolo's (hey I'm single if I had kids I'd probably spend it on them)! And really I don't even want to go there - who has $2,500 they can't find a better use for? Not waste it so I can feel important for 30 minutes!!

If I want that I can just call my mom for FREE and tell her I had a bad day. :)

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Kim said...

Anonymity is priceless. Why give it up? I don't get it.