Sunday, July 20, 2008

holy crap

I've been seriously ignoring my blog this week, but I promise I will be back in force once the move is over!

My friend - you know who you are! came over today and helped me pack! I feel like we got so much accomplished. Although I have not yet started my kitchen - which could be a disaster!

We loaded up the entire back of a Nissan Pathfinder (back seats down too) with my shoes to bring them over! I mean they are the most important part of the move (besides the me, my cats, and my clothes). I took pics I need to get them off my camera to post them.

Well no one reading this should be shocked with the excessive amounts of shoes I have. My collection is a serious commitment!

The other good thing my new condo is sparkling clean thanks to 3 very hard working cleaners that worked for 5.5 hours cleaning bf's condo (which I suspect he's NEVER actually cleaned even though he 'claims' he has - wiping down a counter doesn't actually clean the entire kitchen). Good thing I did that 2.5 hours of prep work to get the place organized and threw trash out before they got there!!!

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