Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Real MASShole

Some people just suck.

I just don't understand the need some assholes feel to yell and scream at random people for no good reason.

Here's the scenario:

I'm in moving hell, boxes stacked as tall as me, my new house in complete chaos with clothes, shoes, furniture, books, and various other things strewn everywhere. My back is killing me because I have just brought my 12th load of clean laundry up 2 flights to put away. I did so much laundry and leaned the baskets against my waist I actually had bruises on each side from the weight and amount of loads I did. On top of that I was cleaning and such - working non stop for 15 hours each day Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and then Sunday. I was exhausted and dirty - I had to run errands in between all of this. I threw on shorts and an I love NY tshirt. basically something I didn't care if it got all dirty or whatever.

so now comes the screaming part.

I had gone to goodwill to donate an entire truck full of duplicate dishes, sheets, towels, old clothes etc. It was a lot of work loading it up, then unloading at Goodwill. I was tired, in pain, hungry, and crabby.

I park my car to go back inside and do more unpacking when some jackass starts screaming out his car window at me "I HATE NY, NY SUCKS, WTF, FUCK NEW YORK" and it goes on....

OK ASSHOLE I get it.

But seriously shut the fuck up! It's a t-shirt. who wanted your stupid opinion anyway? I don't give a flying shit who you like or don't like. And seriously what prick starts screaming out the window at a chick walking into her house? I just do not get behavior like this. There is no reason to verbally assault people walking into their homes at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon - or anytime for that matter!

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