Wednesday, August 6, 2008

F-U state of CT

After a weekend of debauchery in the NJ Shore - we were making such great time coming home - when on 84 at 7pm on a Sunday night in the summer - The state of CT shuts the whole thing down to one freaking lane to do road work.

Are you kidding me???

It's 7pm! On a Sunday in the summer - you have to KNOW tons of people will be driving back from their vacation destinations! Like maybe shutting the road down at 10pm would be a smarter decision?????

So instead of getting home while it was still light out - we sat in an hour and a half traffic while the highway went down to one lane. An hour and half to drive one freaking mile!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess the one good thing is that we were there right after they shut down the road so didn't have to wait as long as the miles of folks behind us waiting.


Meredithk1981 said...

My Mom and sister got stuck in the SAME traffic. It took them 9 hours (5 (!) more than usual) to get from Long Island to Boston. Just b/c of Connecticut.

It's like their signs, "You have 15 miles of traffic." And then after 5 hours, you finally make it through the 15th mile and read the next sign: "15 miles of traffic." It is cruel.

DJDiva said...

UGH that is so cruel! I swear someone working for the DPW is sitting there laughing at how they have really done it to us now!