Thursday, October 18, 2007

Idiot Drivers

Today I was behind a woman who was more concerned with fixing her hair than driving. Since she was doing this she couldn't then drive the speed limit.. so she was driving really slow while she tried to 'fix' her hair.

The wicked annoying thing - I was behind her at 3 different red lights - did she fix her hair while at the red light? NO!! She waits until she starts driving again to start fucking with it and looking in the mirror at it! What an idiot! Stop screwing with your hair and drive - pay attention to the road!

Then twice today I was behind a person that was driving in the right lane (of a 2 lane road) and then put their left blinker on and took a left turn - from the right lane - crossing over the left lane cutting off the left lane traffic to take the turn. Who does this? WTF is wrong with you!? and it happened TWICE - two different people! ARGH

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