Tuesday, October 16, 2007

most. annoying. site. ever.

WTF is the deal with this site? How can anyone actually LOOK at the clothes they potentially want to buy??? Clicking anywhere seems to throw you back to the homepage, the back button totally doesnt work becuase it's all flash. ANNOYING! and then as if that wasn't bad enough.. the freaking clothes move back and forth in a dizzying way to show you the close up. Clicking (which I expected would STOP the MOVEMENT or "my mental model" if you will) just brought me to this insane mosiac view where I have to try to decide which item of clothing I want to view. From a mosiac!?? How do I even know where to look? I have to hover to actually have the little mosiac piece even make sense to see the item.

It could be a belt, hat, gloves, shirt, jeans, pants, spin the wheel who knows... wheeeeeeeeeee WTF! And you can't shop online - I guess it's to promote the store... but with this kind of user experience I think I'll skip it and go right on into Bloomies or Saks.

Let's see.. here's the "wicked useful" mosiac view. This is how I usually like to shop for clothes :S

If the site is this crazy - what does the store look like??? Clothes dancing on racks? Strobes lights and blaring club music? Moving shelves?

They seem to have some cute things, but who can tell with this crazy design? I don't even understand how the designer came up with this concept and how once they started building it - they were able to keep track of what they put where. I'd be totally lost. I mean it's pretty. But it's not useful.

Oh and wait... there's more! if you click on a category.. let's say women / shirt - you then see a SEA, and I mean a SEA of shirts scrolling non-stop on the page! 10 across and 8 down!!!! Who the hell can focus. I cannot scan fast enough to see them. And once again the "mental model" (to use the annoying buzz word people seem obsessed with at my company) is broken becuase hovering doesn't MAKE THEM STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they just keep right on moving! I am dizzy. I feel drunk and it's only 11 in the morning.

now picture this stupid thing scrolling vertically, or better yet go to their website and see it for yourself. It's like a slot machine...


Reynolds said...

I checked out this site, and points for originality, but its usability couldn't even be charted it was so low.

Their ecommerce revenues may suffer a tad when people give up after trying to use it to find something they might like to buy. Only a truly masochistic person would actually attempt to do the following:

1. Find an item they want to purchase.

Given the fact that it scrolls out of control, is impossible to view items at a glance without hovering over them, and you could never be reasonably expected to remember where you left off after viewing an item and reloading their mosaic browsing we're so terribly clever and arty shopping interface, this process could take up to and including the amount of time necessary for the supercontinent of Pangea to break apart into Laurasia and Godwana (roughly the entire length of the Early Jurassic Period or approximately 13.6 million years).

2. Buy the item. Which I assume they got right.

DJDiva said...