Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fox Fantasy Football SUCKS

Fucking Fox sports hosted by msn blows. It's the worst. I have been attempting to update my fantasty team for 45 minutes and I can't even get a page to load!

when I finally got the page to load and tried to change up who was on my bench and save the changes. I got a fucking server error. If you want to host fantasy sports you need to have enough servers to handle the bandwidth! WTF

Meanwhile my Yahoo team was a breeze to edit - even at 12:50. Perhaps I should have tried before 12:15 to update my team, but one would assume with a high speed internet connection I could actually update my team in a timely manor. What a fool I was. In the time I started this bitchy post - the game has started and the Patriots have already scored a touchdown a few minutes into the game.

I STILL can't get the stupid page to load. Fox Sucks. It even caused my browser to crash numerous times. AND I was running firefox and IE just to see which would come up first. Firefox crashed and closed the browser alltogether. I hate Fox sports right now.

I have been attempting to update my team for a FULL HOUR now. This is bullshit.

UPDATE: thank god the defense I was attempting to take off the bench wasnt playing until 4:15 so I was able to finally save my team update at 1:39 pm - one hour and 20 minutes after I started - WTG fox sports. you rock. grrrrrrr. The Pats got 2 tds and an interception during this whole thing and Miami even manage to score one. And by the time I was able to even finish typing this the Pats ran back a 75 yard kick for yet another TD.



Michael said...

I'm right there with ya dude, I've been trying for almost an hour to make one change at QB. I finally gave up as it's now past 1:00pm and my QB is locked.

Worst Fantasy service on the net.

Timesetter said...

I know this post is 3 years old, but I have to say that NOTHING has changed regarding the suckiness of Fox Fantasy Football,; Last year it was OK, but this year? Holy crap! Pages take FOREVER to load and if you Eff up, it's horrendous! I cant make any changes to my lineup and it's saturday night for craps sake! WTF?!