Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fantasy Football

First I have to start by saying I love Tom Brady. I loved him before this season. I loved him when Drew Bledsoe got injured and Tom had to step in. Ok now that - that's out of the way...

Last year in fantasty football I got screwed! My computer crashed during the draft AS I WAS DRAFTING BRADY! The world was clearly against me! Another person of course then drafted him out of spike for me ;) and then held it over my head proposing insane trades all season. I ended up with a bunch of so-so players on auto draft while I waited for my computer to restart. That SUCKED.

This year I was prepared. I had pre- selected who I wanted so if I had that failure auto draft would kick in and (hopefully) get me the people I wanted. Mostly Patriots players. Especially Brady and Moss. People laughed at me for drafting Moss claiming he was old, but I thought he would be good. So far he has been - although some weeks haven't been as great as others (fantasy points wise). Overall I am psyched he's doing so well for the Patriots and we're winning games! Plus he got that record of catching a TD every Monday night game he's every played.. WTG!

So this week Tom being the amazing quaterback that he is - got me 40 something points on fantasy! YEY! Yahoo sports is listing him as the #1 QB in fantasy football on the 'hot' list. I expected nothing less. It's gotta suck being on the 'not' list. Which Kurt Warner is on, but cut that guy a break - he has to be doing better than Matt Leinart was doing before he broke his shoulder or collarbone or whatever it was.

So now I don't know what I am going to do when the Patriots have a bye week - because 60% of my fantasy team is the Pats. I'm screwed. Right now I'm 5-1 - yey! But it's still early - there are 10 weeks left anything could happen. My backup players just aren't performing well enough to make up for the Pats. Hopefully I can afford to lose that game on the bye week....

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