Sunday, October 28, 2007

If it was possible to Love Tom Brady More...

Then that's how I feel today. I love Tom Brady! I love Vrabel. I love Randy Moss. I love the Patriots. It's 45-0 right now against the Redskins and we're in the 4th quarter. Tom Brady is on FIRE this season! Randy Moss catches the most insane passes. Passes no one has any business catching - somehow he does it. It's amazing.

Next week is the Colts now that is going to be a crazy game. The Pats better win I will be so pissed if Manning wins that game.

and in about an hour I can watch the Red Sox in game 4 of the World Series up 3-0 in the series.

It's an amazing season to be a Boston fan.

Update: 52-0 with 5 minutes left. Amazing.

Ok so with 3 minutes left the Redskins finally scored making it not completely a blowout. Making it 52-7.

I have a friend [and Rams fan - not sure why :P] that claims the Patriots only ever win by a field goal. That may have happened in some games, but not anymore. Oh and they tied a recond by the Rams today which I was quite happy to hear.

Who knew the Patriots were going to be their own Fantasy Football team this year? I should have just drafted the whole team!

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