Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Amy Winehouse

So I love Amy Winehouse's album - Back To Black.

'Tears Dry on Their Own' is my favorite song off the album. It's such a great song I can't help belting it out in the car. I'm sure to anyone else in the car's dismay.

I just love the sound of this album - it's like retro soul, jazz, blues. I think she has a great voice. It's good stuff.

What's strange to me is that it seems every single kind of radio station is playing her now. From the pop stations, to independent radio, to alternative rock. Kind of odd, but whatever.

Rumor has it that Prince wants to work with her on a project. Now that could be awesome!

But men don't seem to dig her as much as women. Is is that heroin sheek look that's the turn off? She is way too skinny - and then wears that giant beehive that may possibly weigh more than the rest of her body. I have heard she admits to be anorexic and doing heroin. yikes. I hope this isn't the next Janis Joplin because I am already looking forward to future albums.

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