Thursday, October 11, 2007

Driving in MA Part 2...

Well today on my way to work I was behind a truck - who totally ignored the yield sign at the rotary and barreled into the damn thing at 40 mph. While on the one hand I am happy someone is finally doing the speed limit, WTF dude - it says YIELD!!!

When I got to the rotary I yielded, but the idiot in the rotary already seemed unaware of the rules and stopped! Then since I had stopped - he waves like 'thanks so much for letting me go when I am too stupid to realize I already had the right of way'. Ya no problem buddy.

And another thing I forgot last night... what the hell is wrong with these people that start slowing down when they are approaching a green light. It's like they are anticipating the red before the freaking thing even turned yellow!! It's a green light idiot - GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was recently behind a person that came to a FULL STOP at a green, and then went! I was blasting on the horn. Not only is this infuriating, it's unsafe! It could cause accidents stopping at a green!!! And not only that - yellow just means proceed with CAUTION. Not slam on your fucking breaks the second the light changes. If you can safely proceed through the light before it turns red - you go, if you can't you stop. It's really simple. But I'm always behind the person that sees it turn yellow and slams the brakes and stop. After this happens 3 or 4 cars have to slam their brakes and almost hit this person. And then I watch how many cars get to drive through on the opposite side (usually 3 cars).

Let's see how much of a joy my commute home is during rush hour in the rain... I can't wait!

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