Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nili Lotan

So I know Vogue loves Nili Lotan shirts. I saw them at Barneys and Tess (in Newton Center), but I didn't get it. they were ok, but I didn't really feel the $250 love.

Why is this shirt so much better than a Thomas Pink shirt? It looks like it may be more worn and comfortable, but is it that much more comfortable?

I hadn't ruled them out though. I'm still considering a Nili Lotan shirt, but I think I like the Thomas Pink one's more - I like a slightly more fitted shirt on women. A few of them [Nili Lotan] looked too drab though - and I feel like the Alex B&W pattern dress reminds me of either a grandmother's house dress from the 1930s, or shirts I have seen in photos of holocaust victims. Which made me really upset, why make a shirt reminiscent of such a horrific event.

But then I see this pea coat from the Fall 2007 collection and I really like it. A nice bright red color with silver buttons.

This is the kind of coat you could have for years - a classic.

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