Friday, October 19, 2007

Kick Ass Cupcakes

One day when I was walking or running (I can't remember which I was doing) through Davis Square - I suddenly see a sign for 'Coming Soon - Kick Ass Cupcakes'. I thought wow that sounds promising. I love cupcakes.

Then I waited... Seems like day after day - maybe even months I ran past there and there was no change. I was afraid Kick Ass wasn't coming soon after all. I was so sad…

On Labor Day I was at a friend's BBQ and the discussion amongst the women turned to: when exactly Kick Ass Cupcakes was going to open. The men were confused they said things like: "It's just a cupcake, what's the big deal?" or "get a piece of cake isn't it the same thing" No no no, my friend, it is not.

A cupcake is like your own little piece of heaven. It's an entire self contained unit with a perfect (if done right) ratio of frosting to cake. And everyone has their own special way of eating one. I personally like to rip it in half and eat the bottom half first - (the cake only part) and then eat the top half that has lots of frosting with a little cake. MMMMM yummy.

The men looked baffled and the women were annoyed they couldn't just accept that women have a love affair with the cupcake. Get over it boys and just accept.

Days later, I was running on my usual route and I it was open! I was sooooo excited! It was pretty packed - mostly with women trying to get their sugar fix on cupcakes.

I ran home and told my boyfriend who once again said "now why is it that cupcakes are so special and we have to run down to this place?" I said because I'm a woman, women loves cupcakes, just accept it. He finally agreed, but also added that these would probably taste the same as every cupcake we've ever tried and not be 'kick ass'. I probably made a face.

So... we get down there that night and it's packed. Once again it’s a 90/10% of women to men ratio. My boyfriend seemed embarrassed I've dragged him "to a cupcake place" - whatever they all know he's with his girlfriend who obviously dragged him there. So we each order one. My expectations are high with a name like kick ass, plus I also don't want to hear flack from the boyfriend if they suck. Because I will never live that one down.

We get home and I bite into my cupcake - the Lucky cupcake - gold cake, vanilla frosting, and candied ginger on top. OMG it TRULY IS A PIECE OF HEAVEN!!! It's one of the best cupcakes I've ever tasted in my life! I think I devour this cupcake it about half a second. And then I'm sad because I only bought one. My boyfriend got a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. I notice he also eats his very quickly. He then says "wow that was a pretty awesome cupcake". I said SEEE this is why women love cupcakes!

I had also taken a menu and read each flavor carefully. They all sound so good. I start to plan my next order. I also notice they offer delivery for 12 or more cupcakes. That could come in handy on a very bad day!

So now we go back almost once a week. But now we order 2 each. The folks at kick ass put them in a little bakery box that has one of those coffee like tray holders to keep each cupcake upright and not bumping into the others. Genius!!! Every time we go back it's packed - with that 90/10 ratio but my boyfriend is apparently over that because he's pretty happy to order his 2 cupcakes.

I recommended Kick Ass to another friend (well anyone that will listen to me really), but anyway... She went with a friend and was skeptical. But once they had that little bite of heaven they were hooked. This stuff is like crack. She was also disappointed that she hadn't bought two.

Kick Ass Cupcakes rocks and I hope they become a Davis institution for a long time. I look forward to many more tasty cupcakes. If you go to check it out save being disappointed – order two cupcakes right up front – you won’t regret it!

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