Friday, October 19, 2007

ohhhh pretty...

So Jonathan Kelsey, a former designer of Jimmy Choo shoes has started his own line.

I am digging it. There don't seem to be a lot of shoes yet, but the ones I see are pretty darn cool looking. The heels are funky.

I love this shoe:

The patent is shiny, but not obnoxious - and I love the edging and the studs on the side. At $735.00 it's not cheap, but consider it a good investment in art.

I really like these other ones too. I don't think I would wear them, well maybe I would . They are pretty funky. Probably a little too trendy for the price, although $585.00 isn't terrible... I really like the look and the color of them:

I think Jonathen Kelsey has potential to become a big shoe designer. I just read an article where they claimed he would become the "British Christian Louboutin". that is quite a claim.

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