Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Driving in Massachusetts

Why is it that half the people on the road can't seem to drive? How did these people get their licenses?

People especially can't seem to maneuver a rotary in MA. Why are rotaries such a difficult thing to navigate? They shouldn’t be if you follow the rules of the road. In my daily commute I have to drive through 10 rotaries (5 each way). And why doesn't anyone grasp that the person in the rotary HAS THE FUCKING RIGHT OF WAY?!!!!! The people attempting to enter the rotary are supposed to yield to the cars already in the rotary!!!!! And if for some reason people aren't aware of these rules - there are YIELD signs as you approach the rotary to alert the cars approaching the rotary they need to yield. So why is it every single fucking day I am behind someone who STOPS in the rotary to let people in, or I get cut off by someone thinking the people entering the rotary have the right of way!!!!!?? WHY WHY WHY??? This makes me INSANE! Most days this happens more than once too. When I beep at the people who fly out into the rotary as if they have the right of way (maybe they missed the large YIELD sign!!?) they act like I’m the jerk – like the people in the rotary should be yielding to them. But that isn’t how rotaries work in Massachusetts – the sooner they get this the easier it is for everyone in the rotary.

And who are these people that want to drive 10-15 MPH SLOWER than the speed limit??! They wonder why people have road rage - this is why!!!! If you can get pulled over for driving 10-15 mph OVER the speed limit, why don't they pull people over for driving 10-15 mph UNDER the speed limit!!!!???? Isn’t this just as dangerous? The road I take to work is 35 or 40 mph most of my ride. Yet I am always stuck behind the person who wants to drive 25 mph or maybe 30 mph if I'm lucky.

The only times people should be driving 10-15 mph under the speed limit are:

  • during a heavy rainstorm
  • during a snowstorm
  • on Halloween when there are tons of kids running around
  • when are driving your car in some kind of a parade
  • when you have run out of gas and are coasting to a stop (hopefully you’ve put your hazards on by this point)

If a person is driving on dry clear roads why why why would you drive 25 in a 40??? To make the people behind you crazy? Because you can't see the speedometer and are unaware you are driving so slowly? If you can't drive 40 mph in a 40 mph zone and there isn't anything prohibiting you from doing so (like the acceptable list above) - hire a driver, call a cab, or take a bus - you shouldn't be driving – ever!

Now I'm not for excessive speed, I'm just wishing people would actually drive the posted speed! And while I’m at it – using your blinker to let people behind you know what the hell you are doing is kind of helpful. Why do so many people fail to do this?

Then there are the people who refuse to drive the posted speed, AND when the lane goes to 2 lanes - refuse to move to the right either!!! Slower traffic is supposed to move to the right! Why can't these people accept they are the slower traffic and move aside, why do they try to force people to either stay behind them, or have to pass them on the right!?

Driving in Massachusetts is a competitive sport – drivers need to get their game on.


Colleen said...

I'm so with you on this. I need to add 1 thing to your list: Why must some people come to a complete stop when merging onto a highway?! Hello, merge! Go! Move!


DJDiva said...

YES! so true WHY do people do that?