Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Natick Collection

The new Natick Collection is like mecca for me. I swear I hear angels singing as I enter Nordstrom's. Maybe it's just the piano? Maybe it's all in my head. Who cares? In my world this is what heaven is like. Lots of shoes, handbags, and clothes. Only fabulous ones that fit fantastic and mirrors that make you look great. Oh and price is no issue. There is no budget. Now THAT is heaven!

I was with my boyfriend so I had to curb my spending. Such a travesty. There were some great Cole Haan Yolanda boots but they didn't have a 7.5. I could order them, but I have to make sure there are no other boots I want more.

Looking at them more I'm pretty sure I want them. I love the 3 buckles.

Ok I must have them.

I called and ordered them. YEY! OH AND... they have Nike Air in the sole which will make them super comfy to wear. Even better!

Now for those Manolos... Neiman's and Norstrom's didn't have them in their stores yet.

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