Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This is the new site I love to hate

I'm back to Uniqlo. The site makes me crazy. But I've said enough about that.

From what I was able to see in the sea of scrolling clothes - there appeared to be some cute things. But also some REALLY UGLY things.

So ugly I must comment.
what is the deal with this?? This guy is wearing a gray sweater, then he has the EXACT same gray sweater tied over his shoulder. Why would you want this look? I mean the one sweater is actually fine. But the second? Why? and really I can't stand the tied sweater around the neck thing. It looks so Nantucket. Speaking of which I need to find the you tube video about the nantucket cable knit sweater guys .. singing "we might be vanilla but our labs are chocolate"... dorks lol
and now for this gem. WTF who wears a purple velour sweatshirt over an already giant ugly green sweater? The hat is cute. I like that - that is the only thing I like about this outfit. The purple sweatshirt thing could be fine on it's own but what's the deal with that olive green sweater? yuck.

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