Monday, October 29, 2007

It's a Good Day to be a Boston Sports Fan

It must suck to live in other cities right now. Well, for sports anyway. Boston rocks!

The Pats are 8-0 which is just incredible. But even better than that, they have scored over 30 points each game they've played this season. Each game! Randy Moss catches balls that no one else could. And Brady even ran for 2 TDs yesterday! They don't just win, they are winning with scores like 52-7, 49-28, 48-27, 38-14. The Pats are tying or breaking records each week.

And people were worried about tapes? UM seems the Jets have only won 1 game since then - it's doubtful we ever got some kind of advantage with those tapes. Sorry Jets fans.

Then as if our day wasn't already great in Boston - the Red Sox SWEEP the world series!


I sat in amazement as that last pitch was thrown. Strike. It's over. I can't believe that we have won 2 times in the last 4 years - after the 86 year drought / curse. I do recognize we have the 2nd highest payroll in baseball, but the Yankess have the highest and didn't even make it to the ACLS.

They are going to start comparing Francona with Belichick. Wow has the entire homepage dedicated to the Sox.

Bostonians can truly be happy for about a week, then there will be something else to bitch about again. :)

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