Wednesday, November 7, 2007

With a Morning this Good...

It can't get any worse...

While driving to work this morning I was on a street approaching a blinking yellow light. Sometimes there are people crossing there so cars have to stop, otherwise it's usually pretty quick to get through the blinking yellow.

I'm about 100 or 200 yards back (maybe more it's a pretty straight street so you can see far up it) and I notice there is a car stopped at the yellow blinking light. It appears they have been stopped there before I had seen them too because there was no movement as if they were slowing down to stop.

I then look to see if someone is crossing. Nope. Is there another car trying to cross from the red blinking light side? Nope. HMM so it appears this person is a complete fucking idiot just sitting at a yellow blinking light waiting for????? The light to turn green? Someone to invite them across the intersection?

They continue to sit there. Finally I get to the light and have to stop because they are STILL sitting there. If you are this stupid you shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car! I then beep. They sit there. I beep again. The car behind me starts beeping. FINALLY this bozo starts to go. At 15 miles per hour. I really want to scream. Seriously they have PSA's on tv about road rage and say that if you are angry that it's you. No it's really NOT me, it's the idiot that sits at a yellow blinking light for 10 minutes. Where are the police when this kind of shit happens?

We all continue down the street driving slower than I ride a bike at 15 mph in a 30 mph zone. At the next light, which is green, this person starts to stop!!!!! I am about to lay on the horn when they put their right blinker on. They start stopping...... stopping... stop… I am about to flip and THEN turn right. OMFG! How long does it take to turn right on a green light with no one crossing? It’s a perfectly sunny, dry day. No rain, no snow. Nothing!

I then get to Starbucks. I order my usual (make fun if you must) a grande non-fat caramel macchiato with sugar-free vanilla. I like skim milk, and why waste 200 calories on vanilla syrup? I’d rather have something else. Anyway, I order that. It’s not really that complicated. Maybe the barista is annoyed with me for making a complicated order – but it’s the same amount of ingredients it’s just using the low fat and sugar free instead of the regular – they are right next to each other on the counter – it makes no difference.

She puts the coffee (or as my boyfriend would argue: steamed milk with a little bit of coffee) on the counter. I pick it up the coffee explodes out of the top because it’s so overfilled all over my brand new really expensive leather gloves. I’m annoyed. The coffee then flies out of the top as I walk to my car onto my jeans, more on my gloves, and on my jacket. All pretty new and expensive and I would be really pissed if they were stained. I try covering the little top hole with a napkin – that gets soaked quickly from the overfilling.

I drive the rest of the way to work. When I tried to get the coffee out of the coffee holder in my car the top pops off - spilling more coffee on my gloves and now all over my car as well. Awesome. I love when that happens.

Now my gloves are sticky. My brand new $200 leather gloves are sticky. Maybe this should teach me not to buy $200 leather gloves, but I love them. I just wish my latte wasn’t so overfilled it exploded on me. Maybe I should only wear crappy outfits to buy my coffee?

I get into work and have to go straight into a one hour meeting. In which not really anything is decided. I love meetings like that. I feel most productive in those kinds of meetings. Yeaaaaah.. that would be great...

I take my first sip of my coffee… She forgot the caramel. The fucking caramel!!!!!!! THE ingredient that MAKES my coffee a CARAMEL MACHIATO and NOT A LATTE. So I had a latte with sugar-free vanilla.

It’s got to get better right? Certainly there are far worse things that could happen in a day, but it was a pretty irritating morning.


02145 said...

Wow, what a crap morning.

I am convinced that there are groups of people who get together secretly in the evenings and figure out new and creative ways to spark up some road rage. How else do you explain this?

DJDiva said...

YES seriously!

jmr76 said...

"(make fun if you must) a grande non-fat caramel macchiato with sugar-free vanilla"

Ok! I'll make fun of you! I can't even pronounce that drink! How about "large coffee, black, please." In the morning, those are about the only words I can mutter anyways. How can you actually order that in the morning?!?!?! Try saying mocha-vanilla-super-grande-caramel ten times as fast as you can.

Also, $200 gloves? They have a pair at the CVS for $9.99. They keep your hands warm too. Do your gloves actually keep your hands warm? :-)

DJDiva said...

I knew you'd have something to say!!! ;)