Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tom Brady named MVP by the AP

YEY!! Go Brady!

He picked up 49 of a possible 50 votes. Who was the 1 jerk that voted for someone else? But they voted for Favre, that's pretty cool, I like Favre. So I forgive them for not voting for Brady.

Brady is the first Patriots player to be named MVP.

50 TDs in one season, plus numerous other records - oh yea like 16-0! Seems like people finally caught on and stopped singing Manning's praises and started recognizing Brady. Not that all of Manning's praise is undeserved, but being a Pats fan always annoyed me that he seemed to get so much more than Tom. People always said he was so much better than Brady - even though Tom won 3 Superbowls before Manning even won one!

Now we just need to kick ass in the playoffs... GO PATS!

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