Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Sad Bag

I was discussing the sad bag today and a friend of mine wasn't familiar with it. So I need to post a photo of them because I really, really hate them. The sad bags are also known as Vera Bradleys, but I prefer the term sad bag, because that's what they are.

I'm sorry if you like them.

Bags that look like my grandmother should be holding them, or that they were made from a quilt should be banned. Illegal. Yet there are entire STORES dedicated to the sad bag.

Bags sold at Hallmark stores should not be bought!! Hallmark is for CARDS, not handbags! The Natick Collection has a whole sad bag store - that has everything in sad bag patterns including couches!!! Why would the Collection do this to me?

I was once at a baby shower and someone got one of these as a gift and everyone was like ohhh I LOVE IT. except me. yuck. What's with these bags and baby showers? WHY WHY WHY?

When I see women with the sad bag they usually look sad, depressed - maybe it's because they have an ugly handbag that looks like my grandmother's quilts, jeans that went out of style in the late 80s, and crocs on? I don't know, but I'm just saying....

and a close up of the quilting:

Perhaps you like the Pink Elephant quilting? OMG

for the love of god why?

That is just a small sampling of hundreds of these horrible bags.

I think quilts should be on a bed, or hanging on a wall - not on a handbag. I don't even really like the Chanel quilted bags. I do like the Burberry quilted jackets though - that is my only exception to the no quilting rule.

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