Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nice Use of Design

So I am a storage junkie. I can admit it. I save everything.

I have 2 external 500 GB drives (plus a 200 GB internal disk), but they are now filled with mp3s and various work stuff. I needed something more, something bigger. I haven't even ripped all of my 5,000 cds yet!!!

Then I came across the Western Digital My Book Premium II - 2TB drive! And it has Raid 1 capability so I can set aside half of it to be used as a mirror. Cool. I did a quick price comparison and Newegg had it for about $50 less than everyone - even better!

So I bought it. It came yesterday - it's big, not crazy big, but bigger than I expected, but it looks pretty cool so I'm ok with it. I ran the setup disc, then plugged it in and set up the Raid 1. It was so easy I'm still convinced something went wrong. There is software with it for the raid management, and it says I am using Raid 1, but it only shows me 1 drive - is that right? Shouldn't I see 2 and one is read only from the other drive? I'm a UI chick I don't know anything about hardware! I've been harrasing every technical friend I know trying to find out if I should see 1 or 2 drives. I've gotten mixed answers. Not helpful. It makes me nervous.

With UI you can't win... make it too hard people complain and can't use it; make it too easy people freak out and are afaid they've done it wrong.

But now to the point of this whole post. The design of the case is very cool. It looks sleek, but very heavy duty at the same time. Power button is a funky blue glowing button. But I think the coolest design feature is the vent holes: which are actually Morse code!!! The code spells out personal, reliable, innovative, design, and simple, repeating over and over again. LOVE IT! You have to have vent holes, why not make them kind of cool?


Ward said...

If your raid-1 is working, you'd see just one drive, that's normal. The mirroring is done transparently. Hopefully you also have a means to find out if/when one of the drives starts failing though - because if the raid-1 works properly, you won't loose any data and hence might not notice.

DJDiva said...

ok good! I am feeling better now. I also rebooted my machine with the drive hooked up and the boot screen said Raid 1 (Mirror) before it went to the windows screen so it appears it's working.

Reynolds said...

That simply is an obscene amount of storage. And here I was, thinking I was all hot shit for having a 500GB mybook.

DJDiva said...

You are going to have to upgrade now!!!! ;)

Reynolds said...

If you can convince my wife to drop $575 on a hard drive, be my guest...I get a borderline sexual thrill just thinking about 2TB of storage space.

DJDiva said...


I'll call her tonight ;)