Thursday, January 3, 2008

I hate election years

It's just too much. My bf has been watching CNN, MSNBC, Meet the Press, etc etc etc for hours.... days... weeks.... months... I can't take it! I will be happy when bozo is no longer in the white house of course, but I get so sick of listening to a bunch of bloviators argue about the same 3 issues.

Then when whoever it is that gets elected, gets in office, nothing really changes. Or in Bush's case, the changes that started to happen were really, really scary. Making me question if I did still live in the Free World. My taxes are still really high for a middle class single chick, schools don't seem to be getting so much better, my roads are still a mess filled with potholes, the world is angry with us, the war, etc etc etc......... I'm not rich enough or poor enough to actually benefit from anything.

Maybe I should just put out there what I want for me and my country and let politicians bid to get my vote.. HA!

Thank god I got control of the clicker and now we're watching Project Runway ;)

and now I've lost again :(

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